B.C. Tech in the Spotlight during Premier’s Mission

B.C. Tech in the Spotlight during Premier’s Mission

April 22, 2016 Posted by
With preparations for Premier Christy Clark’s trade and investment mission to Japan, Korea and the Philippines in full swing, attention turns to the various sectors that will be highlighted during the trip, such as the diverse technology sector in British Columbia.

Promoting the technology sector to prominent investors and stakeholders will be a key goal throughout the mission, with events being planned to connect potential investors to opportunities with innovative B.C. technology companies, like D-wave Systems.

This Burnaby-based company has recently garnered attention from Google and Lockheed Martin, both have invested millions of dollars into the company’s quantum computing technology. D-wave was established in 1999, as a spin-off from the physics department of the University of British Columbia. The company has been described as the leading repository of quantum computing intellectual property in the world, and a true leader in the B.C. tech world.

The British Columbia  technology sector employs more than 86,000 people and has generated new and innovative tech businesses with direct links to Silicon Valley, Seattle and other leading global tech centres. The startup ecosystem has also flourished in recent years - bolstered by by 25 incubator and accelerator programs throughout British Columbia. Metro Vancouver’s strength as a leading tech centre has also attracted large multinational companies including Amazon, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Capcom.

To support the growth of the sector British Columbia recently announced a BCTECH Strategy with a mix of initiatives that will help create an environment for further growth and investment in the tech industry. In addition to education and marketing initiatives, the strategy includes:

- A $100 million investment fund to make venture capital more easily available to early start-ups
- Increased availability for tax credits to small businesses and technology
- Funding for research institutions to increase the commercialization of new technology

B.C.’s network of Trade and Investment Representatives (TIR’s) also play an integral role in the promotion of the technology sector, by connecting international companies and investors to opportunities within the sector. If you’re interested in tech-related opportunities within BC or want to learn more about the sector contact one of our TIR’s today.

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