August 2018

B.C. Aerospace Sector Shines at Aerospace Defence & Security Expo

August 30, 2018
Now in its eighth year, the Aerospace Defence and Security Expo was held in Abbotsford on Aug. 9 and 10, featuring Canadian and international aerospace companies with industry exhibits and workshops.  This event was held in conjunction with Canada’s largest airshow, the Abbotsford International Airshow, which has been running for over 50 years. The Expo was hosted by the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (Pacific Division) and showcased British Columbia’s aerospace sector, as well as provided information sharing and networking opportunities for individuals in the private and public sector. Both the feder... continue reading
Posted by Vivian Lui
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3D Bioprinting Technology: Shaping the Future of Medicine

August 22, 2018
We live in exciting times, especially in the field of medicine where the pace of innovation is constantly on the rise. Undoubtedly, one of the most promising areas within the field of medicine is the use of technology, and more specifically, 3D printing. 3D bioprinting uses layer-by-layer fabrication methods and deposition of cells to create a final 3D construct. It provides users with the unique ability to create artificial tissues that closely resemble natural tissues in both form and function. This suggests that in the future, science fiction could become reality by using 3D bioprinting to replace damaged or failing organs. &... continue reading
Posted by Noor Subeh
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Globally Recognized B.C. Port is a Growing Sustainable Gateway

August 15, 2018
British Columbia has state-of-the-art deep sea ports that are ice-free all year round with the shortest transportation times between North American and Asian markets – saving shippers over two days, compared to other west coast ports. The Port of Vancouver is Canada’s largest port and the third largest tonnage port in North America with 27 major marine cargo terminals; it is responsible for Canada’s trade with more than 170 world economies.   The Port of Vancouver ranked 45th in Alphaliner’s 2017 list of the top 110 container ports in the world; that’s up from 48th in 2016. Vancouver is the on... continue reading
Posted by Noor Subeh
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B.C. Communities Connected Through Innovation

August 9, 2018
Many cities across British Columbia are creating innovative solutions, such as collaborative workspaces, to weave modern business needs into the existing cities and landscapes. The B.C. Government provides funding and support for enhancements in infrastructure to ensure local communities continue to flourish.  Improved transportation networks, connectivity and business facilities contribute to the strong and stable economy that makes British Columbia attractive to investors and internationally recognized for high-quality exports. The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality will receive $10 million from the provincial governm... continue reading
Posted by Abby Pollen
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B.C. Companies Showcase Innovation at Singapore International Water Week

August 2, 2018
Companies from across British Columbia recently attended Singapore International Water Week – a platform for sharing and collaborating on innovative water solutions for clean tech applications.  The new Trade and Investment Representative office in Singapore was instrumental in securing B.C.’s presence at the event and ensuring networking opportunities. The participating companies listed below develop hardware and software solutions ranging from agricultural irrigation, to forest fire prevention, to maintaining PH levels in swimming pools. The variety of clean tech solutions with water reflects the abundance of t... continue reading
Posted by Abby Pollen
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