3D Bioprinting Technology: Shaping the Future of Medicine

3D Bioprinting Technology: Shaping the Future of Medicine

August 22, 2018 Posted by Noor Subeh

We live in exciting times, especially in the field of medicine where the pace of innovation is constantly on the rise. Undoubtedly, one of the most promising areas within the field of medicine is the use of technology, and more specifically, 3D printing. 3D bioprinting uses layer-by-layer fabrication methods and deposition of cells to create a final 3D construct. It provides users with the unique ability to create artificial tissues that closely resemble natural tissues in both form and function. This suggests that in the future, science fiction could become reality by using 3D bioprinting to replace damaged or failing organs.
Aspect Biosystems Ltd. (Aspect) is a privately held biotechnology company based in Vancouver operating at the leading edge of 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering. The company is built on over 10 years of research and development, and formed through collaboration between world-class research groups in engineering and medicine at the University of British Columbia. They are focused on strategically partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as academic researchers, to create physiologically and commercially relevant tissues. These tissues are used to advance and accelerate drug discovery and development, and enable the creation of cutting-edge tissue therapies of the future.
Aspect’s Lab-on-a-Printer™ platform technology is enabling advances in understanding fundamental biology, disease research, development of novel therapeutics and regenerative medicine. This technology enables the rapid creation of functional living tissues and has attracted the attention of global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. In the short term, these tissues are used to advance and accelerate drug discovery and development. In the long term, Aspect’s vision is a world where lifesaving transplant organs are created, not harvested.
British Columbia is a global leader in research and development for life sciences. The life sciences industry includes approximately 310 companies involved in biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, bioproducts and bioenergy, and the greater life sciences. World-class research hospitals and universities partner with 50 research centres, creating a dynamic, collaborative network for researchers. Aspect is establishing strategic partnerships with pharma, biotech and health-care companies, as well as academic researchers to realize the full potential of its broadly applicable platform technology. By combining their expertise and technology with domain experts in the field, Aspect is accelerating the development of innovative tissue applications and creating a meaningful impact on medical research and practice.
Recently, Genome BC provided $1 million in funding to Aspect in support of its commercialization initiatives, partnership activities and development of its platform technology. A recognized catalyst for government and industry, Genome BC invests in research, entrepreneurship and commercialization in life sciences to address challenges in key sectors such as health, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, agrifood, energy, mining and environment. Genome BC partners with many national and international public and private funding organizations to drive B.C.’s bioeconomy.
No doubt it will be exciting to see what the future holds not only for Aspect, but the technology and life sciences sectors in general. As British Columbia continues to lead the way in biomedical research and innovation, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay in tune with everything new and exciting.


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