B.C. Companies Showcase Innovation at Singapore International Water Week

B.C. Companies Showcase Innovation at Singapore International Water Week

August 2, 2018 Posted by Abby Pollen

Companies from across British Columbia recently attended Singapore International Water Week – a platform for sharing and collaborating on innovative water solutions for clean tech applications.  The new Trade and Investment Representative office in Singapore was instrumental in securing B.C.’s presence at the event and ensuring networking opportunities. The participating companies listed below develop hardware and software solutions ranging from agricultural irrigation, to forest fire prevention, to maintaining PH levels in swimming pools. The variety of clean tech solutions with water reflects the abundance of this renewable natural resource in the province.

Victoria-based FTS manufactures remote environmental monitoring solutions including systems, instrumentation and communications technology for the hydrology, fire, weather and meteorology industries. Their equipment includes hardware and software to monitor, record and analyze changes in the natural environment. This includes products for forest fire fighting and prevention, determining water conditions for everything from watersheds to construction sites, and data logger systems for all meteorological conditions.

Vancouver’s Aquatic Informatics provides water management software solutions used by private and public sector industries including municipal, federal and provincial governments, hydropower and mining companies, and academic institutions. Aquatic Informatics’ platforms include analytics for natural environments, compliance and reporting tools for municipalities, and systems for the management of industrial pre-treatment and hauled waste records.

Another Vancouver company, DBE Hytech, produces Nanoflotation technology membranes that create high pressure, high temperature treatment systems to remove oil and silica from water for steam production. Their material is now recognized by California’s Katerva Awards as one of the world’s most disruptive sustainable technologies, and China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection has rated Nanoflotation technology as one of the top 100 environmental technologies in the world. DBE is currently working with the Canadian, American and Chinese oil and gas industries to incorporate a waste heat into the process of water treatment with the membranes.  

Ocion Water Sciences started in Surrey, British Columbia. Ocion specializes in products that protect against algae, bacteria and other undesirable microbes that impact agricultural, industrial, and recreational water pipes, as well as irrigation systems. Their suite of mineral-based products is built around proprietary anti-microbial technology. Minute quantities of trace minerals are removed via this technology, making it the leading anti-microbial, anti-viral and micro-nutrient purification method.

BI Pure Water, also based in Surrey, has been building water and waste treatment systems for over twenty years, providing quality engineered and built solutions for federal, provincial and municipal governments, industry, private land owners, resorts, remote work sites and First Nations communities. BI Pure Water specializes in containerized and mobile water treatment plants, which they manufacture locally and ship to remote sites.

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