BC Economic Atlas Makes Site Selection Easy

BC Economic Atlas Makes Site Selection Easy

December 19, 2017 Posted by Abby Pollen

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates popularized the term “information at your fingertips” in 1990. While the internet was then still in its infancy, Gates had the foresight to see that the world of information was changing quickly and that ease of access made information valuable. The BC Economic Atlas, now integrated into our community profile pages, has raised the bar for innovative and intuitive data delivery in government.
In 2015, the province’s Trade and Invest BC website, BritishColumbia.ca, was enhanced to reflect the evolving information needs of site selectors and corporate investors. The site now publishes in-depth economic profiles of nearly 400 B.C. communities and First Nations. This includes numerous forms of statistics, including demographic, taxation, labour force, transportation and logistics information (amongst others). Associated with these communities are thousands of commercial real estate and business opportunity listings. In all, the site publishes over 500,000 data points—a lot of data. But why stop there?
The recently introduced integration of community profiles with the BC Economic Atlas offers a user-friendly, web-based mapping application that is available to the general public at no cost. It is a useful resource for accessing critical business information by providing an intuitive, visual way to gain a better understanding of B.C.’s vibrant economy and diverse communities. Through interactive maps, the atlas makes data available from literally thousands of sources; from employment and demographic data to major projects in a specific area. BritishColumbia.ca users wanting to gain even greater insight when exploring a community are now able to access the atlas with just one click.
A study published in 2017 by DCI, an international economic development consulting firm, found that websites are considered the most effective way for corporate investors and site selectors to gather information to support opportunity identification, business case analysis and decision-making related to investments. Websites were seen as the most effective marketing technique by 74% of those surveyed, ahead of corporate visits (66%), media relations (51%) and trade shows (39%).
As Gates predicted, the internet has become an increasingly important source of information. Online data is essential in supporting economic development, and B.C. is delivering the data its partners need, in a format they can use.
British Columbia has a lot to offer as a great place to invest and do business. Let the numbers do the talking and try it for yourself. Having information more readily accessible through a resource like BritishColumbia.ca allows a more efficient and effective journey of discovery. Start exploring here.


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