Tourists Drawn to B.C. Beauty and Community

Tourists Drawn to B.C. Beauty and Community

December 12, 2017 Posted by Abby Pollen

British Columbia has a lot to offer in the tourism sector. The Thompson Okanagan region has recently been designated as the first sustainable tourism destination in the Americas by the Responsible Tourism Institute. Qualifying factors include environmental, social and cultural perspectives as well as foresight for sustainability maintenance in future years, all of which are well demonstrated across the region.

The province is drawing a lot of activity from tourists with diverse interests. The agrifoods sector has generated a thriving market in vineyard and brewery tours. British Columbia has over 150 craft breweries, and people are keen to support them. The BC Ale Trail, a finalist in the Canadian Tourism Awards, is a project that combines micro-brew culture with tourism, encouraging enthusiasts to explore regions and communities of B.C. by foot, bicycle or vehicle. There’s even a spotlight on Craft Beer and detailed statistics from a BC Craft Beer Survey put out by Beer Me BC. Farmers markets, restaurants and craft fairs featuring nutraceuticals are also flourishing.

British Columbia’s diverse landscapes aren’t just devoted to producing great food and drink – they also offer incredible eco and adventure tourism. One of our recent success stories captured the appeal of B.C.’s winter sports. With 13 major ski resorts and several smaller locations, as well as lakes and trails for skating, mountaineering and other winter activities, British Columbia caters to all interests. The same venues offer summer activities like mountain biking, swimming, hiking and kayaking and canoeing. The province has metropolitan pockets spread throughout the vast expanses of beautiful wilderness, which means large cities like Vancouver enjoy proximity and easy access to all manner of outdoor activities.

The corporate world also benefits by using tourism activities, including sporting events and eco-adventures, as team-building and networking opportunities. Vancouver is preparing to host and participate in a rugby world cup qualifying match, which they anticipate will greatly benefit the local economy, as it recently has for Hong Kong, where it is estimated that the Sevens tournament alone generates an estimated $60 million in sports tourism revenue annually.

Travellers within British Columbia may have additional flight options available soon, as several low-cost airlines are currently competing for the lower mainland market. This will mean more flights for those travelling within the province. This is good news for the province’s tourism industry and for businesses, since business travell between clusters will be more accessible, and travellers from outside the province can explore more regions while they are here.

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