B.C. Wood Rebuilding Communities in Japan

B.C. Wood Rebuilding Communities in Japan

July 18, 2014 Posted by

Wood from British Columbia is being used to aid reconstruction efforts in Japan

Donated British Columbia wood has been used on a third project in the area of Japan devastated by a large earthquake three years ago. The small fishing town of Yamada-machi now has a community centre designed for them and built with B.C. wood. The Oranda Jima House was built next to an elementary school and has playrooms, a soundproof music room, a tatami room for quiet time and counselling, a kitchen and a playground. The wood structure was designed by a Dutch architect and built by a Dutch non-profit along with local contractors. Oranda Jima, which is Japanese for Dutch Island, refers to the 1643 landing of Dutch sailboat The Breskens near Yamada-machi.

The community centre follows two other projects in the region built under the Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project, a $4.6-million partnership which includes the Governments of British Columbia, Alberta, Canada and the B.C. forest industry. The project uses Canadian wood products to help rebuild public facilities on Japan’s eastern seaboard. The other two projects include the Donguri Anne Public Library which was completed in January 2013, and the Yuriage Public Market which opened in May 2013.

 As home to one of the largest public forests on earth, British Columbia is unique among the world’s leading wood producers because 94 per cent of our land base is publicly owned, and forest activities on public land must follow strict forest management laws. This makes B.C a preferred supplier: the quality of our forest products is exceptional, and we have earned global respect as an international leader in sustainable forest management.

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Jul 22, 2014
@ 5:49PM
Steve Archer Congratulations to the BC Trade and Invest team in Tokyo...


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