Pocket Gamers Connect Brings Together Mobile Gaming Community in Vancouver

Pocket Gamers Connect Brings Together Mobile Gaming Community in Vancouver

July 7, 2016 Posted by Amrinder Sandhar

Mobile game developers from around the world converged in Vancouver last week for the Pocket Gamers Connect show on June 28-29, 2016.

The Pocket Gamers Connect conference aims to bring together leading figures from all areas of the mobile gaming industry, with topics and forums developed by the world’s leading mobile gaming publications. The conference series attracts mobile game industry veterans and newcomers interested in discussing the latest news and technology in the sector and with British Columbia emerging as an international gaming hub, Vancouver was an ideal destination for the conference.
Vancouver is home to one of the top video games clusters in the world with a healthy mix of domestic and international companies. Over 170 video game development studios are located within the city producing top-flight games that are known and loved the world over, such as FIFA 13, Dead Rising 3 and Luigi’s Mansion.

The gaming sector benefits from British Columbia’s targeted incentives, comprehensive infrastructure and a pool of highly skilled talent. Our strategic location on Canada’s west coast allows companies to leverage relationships with the entertainment hub in Los Angeles, technology centres in Seattle and key markets in Europe and Asia.
British Columbia is also home to one of the oldest video game clusters in North America. In the early 1980s, Distinctive Software began producing games software, leading to other major developers such as Relic, Radical, and EA Canada, among others. This initial cluster created strong connections to sound and video producers and support companies for the video game industry. Today, British Columbia is home to a growing sub-sector of mobile game developers with many of them being avid participants in the Pocket Gamers Conference, such as:

IUGO-  Vancouver-based studio with a strong reputation for producing chart-topping mobile games for their global publishing partners and their own self-published original games.
Eastside Games- develops creative gaming titles for social and mobile platforms, including Android, iOS and Facebook.
Thinking Ape- strives to develop engaging mobile products; their roster of mobile games includes the very popular Kingdoms at War.

For more information on opportunities in British Columbia’s mobile gaming industry contact one of our International Trade and Investment Representatives.
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