B.C.’s Tech Sector Shines in Tokyo

B.C.’s Tech Sector Shines in Tokyo

June 1, 2016 Posted by

British Columbia’s vibrant technology sector took centre stage in Tokyo, the last stop of the Premier’s Trade mission to Asia.

Several Japanese technology companies, venture capitalists and investors attended a British Columbia technology investment seminar in Tokyo to hear presentations from four B.C. tech companies: D-Wave Systems, H+ Technology, Press Reader and Vanedge Capital. The event was organized by British Columbia’s Trade and Investment team in Tokyo and aimed to showcase the opportunities for investment within B.C.’s technology sector while also profiling the work being done by innovative B.C. companies.

At the seminar, Premier Clark encouraged Japanese investors and companies to attend the
#BCTECH Summit 2017, a major technology conference that showcases B.C.’s technology industry and brings together businesses and organizations, tech providers and global thought leaders. 

Premier Clark also participated in the 2016 Canadian-Japanese Scientific and Cultural Exchange meeting on Quantum Computing via Quantum Annealing, hosted by B.C.-based D-Wave. The two-day scientific and cultural exchange meeting, which was sponsored in part by the Province of British Columbia in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada in Japan, brought together approximately 60 senior Japanese government officials, industry representatives and academic leaders to raise awareness of quantum computing and demonstrate D-Wave’s strengths and capabilities in the sector, as the world’s first quantum computing company.

The British Columbia technology sector employs more than 86,000 people and has generated new and innovative tech businesses with direct links to Silicon Valley, Seattle and other leading global tech centres. Metro Vancouver’s strength as a leading tech centre has also attracted large multinational companies including Amazon, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Microsoft and Electronic Arts while also supporting homegrown technology leaders such as Hootsuite and Mobify.

If you’re interested in tech-related opportunities within BC or want to learn more about the sector contact one of our TIR’s today.

For more information about the Premier’s trade mission to Asia follow #BCTM16 on Twitter.

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Aug 17, 2016
@ 6:05AM
EMS Solutions Such a great news for the people of Canada. This is one of the pride they could have. Being acknowledge in Tokyo is something to be proud of. Congratulations to those who made it!


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