June 2019

B.C. Seafood Expo Brings International Buyers to Comox Valley

June 24, 2019
British Columbia’s fresh and diverse seafood products took centre stage at the B.C. Seafood Expo in Comox Valley on Vancouver Island earlier this month. The B.C. Seafood Expo ran from June 12-13, 2019, in conjunction with the B.C. Seafood Festival, an annual event that has now become the largest seafood festival in Western Canada.  The expo brings together seafood buyers, aquaculture experts, industry leaders and government representatives to showcase the diverse offerings of B.C’s seafood industry. The two-day expo featured several local trade show exhibitors, guest speakers from the industry and provided a ve... continue reading
Posted by Amrinder Sandhar
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Showcasing B.C. Innovation in ICT

June 3, 2019
British Columbia has a progressive and thriving information and communications technology (ICT) ecosystem, made up of more than 5,300 companies and over 62,700 jobs that focus on software, information technology, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, telecommunications and electronics manufacturing. Working with world-class research facilities and top-ranked universities, B.C. companies are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions and game-changing platforms. With multiple technology clusters in cities like Vancouver, Victoria and Kelowna, the province is an attractive destination for major global compa... continue reading
Posted by Amrinder Sandhar
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