November 2017

Startups in British Columbia

November 28, 2017
British Columbia has cultivated an atmosphere in which innovative entrepreneurs can find the support, encouragement and resources they need to see their visions become reality. Organizations like the BC Innovation Council,  the provincial Startup in Residence program, the BC Tech Association and Work BC offer assistance to new businesses. While the entire province of British Columbia is making strides with new businesses, the Okanagan boasts impressive resources and support for start-ups. One support structure is Accelerate Okanagan. Their mission is to give new technology-driven businesses the connections they need to thri... continue reading
Posted by Abby Pollen
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Spotlight on Trades Education in BC

November 21, 2017
In case you missed it, Nov. 5-11 was Apprenticeship Recognition Week in British Columbia, and the 82nd anniversary of formalized trades training in the province. It’s important to recognize the value of skilled workers, as well as the proven efficacy of apprenticeship training. Most trades training takes about four years, similar to a university degree, but apprentices are paid employees with attractive starting wages that advance as they progress through their training. About 20% of trades training is spent in a classroom environment acquiring technical knowledge, with the remaining 80% being paid, real-world experien... continue reading
Posted by Abby Pollen
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Film in British Columbia

November 14, 2017
With geographic proximity to major production companies in California as well as Asian talent pools, British Columbia is ideally situated to connect and expand the offices and influence of production companies who establish headquarters here. Among the many attractions offered to the film industry by the province are accessibility, a well-educated workforce and low business costs. Vancouver has a million square feet of studio space within minutes of downtown and Vancouver International Airport, and shares a time zone with Los Angeles. There are over 60 VFX and Animation studios in Vancouver alone to support film production, as w... continue reading
Posted by Abby Pollen
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