October 2016

BC Tech Fund Supports Local Start-ups

October 31, 2016
Early stage companies in British Columbia’s technology sector are getting additional support from the B.C. government with the establishment of the BC Tech Fund. The $100-million BC Tech Fund was recently launched with the announcement of a fund manager and an initial investment into a B.C. technology company.Kensington Capital Partners, a venture capital firm with strong experience and connections in B.C., has been selected to manage the BC Tech Fund. Kensington announced its first investment will be into B.C. start-up Mojio, a leading open platform for connected cars, headquartered in Vancouver. Mojio provides elements n... continue reading
Posted by Amrinder Sandhar
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British Columbia and India trade relations take flight

October 21, 2016
Air Canada’s inaugural non-stop flight between Vancouver and New Delhi lifted off yesterday, signifying a new altitude to B.C. and India trade relations. The direct flight cuts the air time between the two cities from 22 hours to 14, which now puts India on par with travel time to China, B.C.’s second largest trading partner.   B.C. exports to India have jumped from $201 million in 2011 to $623 million in 2015, making India B.C.’s fifth-largest trading partner. Currently the top 5 B.C. exports to India are: Copper Ores and Concentrates ($351m); Bituminous Coal ($172m); Semi-Chemical Wood Pulp ($24m); News... continue reading
Posted by Willow Easton
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B.C. and India Build Partnerships for Smart Cities

October 3, 2016
Hosted by the Canada-India Business Council (C-IBC) in collaboration with B.C. Ministry of International Trade and the Indian government, the inaugural BC-India Partnership Summit held in Vancouver September 15, 2016, was a tremendous success. The summit built upon relations that have been amplified since B.C. opened three Trade and Investment offices  in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chandigarh, India. These offices have been busy expanding the B.C. trade network on the ground in India, and were essential to forging relations with the eight prominent Indian business and government delegates that attended the summit.    The... continue reading
Posted by Amrinder Sandhar
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