September 2014

Location, Location, Location! Indian Film Producer Picks Vancouver for Canadian HQ

September 23, 2014
As British Columbia Premier Christy Clark prepares to embark on a trade mission to India this fall, a new production house has opened in Vancouver to assist and facilitate Indian film and television productions filming in Canada. IndoWest Films was established to help Indian productions get easy, professional and reliable access to Canadian locations, tax incentives and film production capabilities. They will also provide a variety of production services to Indian film producers to facilitate film shoots in Canada including production management, tax credit preparation and debt financing.   A main motivation for establish... continue reading
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LNG Industry in British Columbia Creates Opportunities for International and Domestic Suppliers

September 19, 2014
Husteel, a subsidiary of Korea’s Shinan Group, has opened an office in Vancouver, British Columbia to take advantage of opportunities arising from the province’s emerging  natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.   International companies like Husteel, a leading manufacturer of steel pipe, are recognizing the scope of business opportunities created by British Columbia’s emerging LNG industry.  The need for energy is increasing globally and natural gas − the world's cleanest -burning fossil fuel − is able to accommodate the demand. British Columbia has the competitive... continue reading
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Pacific Gateway Strengthened by Completion of Rail Corridor Improvements

September 5, 2014
The official opening of the Mufford Crescent overpass in Langley, British Columbia on September 4, 2014 marked the completion of the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor (RBRC) infrastructure improvement projects in the lower mainland of British Columbia.   The RBRC program, which was delivered by British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, is a comprehensive package of road and rail improvement projects funded through a unique collaboration of public and private sector partners including local, regional, provincial and federal governments, as well as private industry. It was designed to enhance safety, r... continue reading
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