Location, Location, Location! Indian Film Producer Picks Vancouver for Canadian HQ

Location, Location, Location! Indian Film Producer Picks Vancouver for Canadian HQ

September 23, 2014 Posted by Mary Meldrum

With over a million sq. ft. of studio space, a local crew base of 30,000, and a world-renowned VFX cluster, B.C. can support up to 40 film projects simultaneously.

As British Columbia Premier Christy Clark prepares to embark on a trade mission to India this fall, a new production house has opened in Vancouver to assist and facilitate Indian film and television productions filming in Canada.

IndoWest Films was established to help Indian productions get easy, professional and reliable access to Canadian locations, tax incentives and film production capabilities. They will also provide a variety of production services to Indian film producers to facilitate film shoots in Canada including production management, tax credit preparation and debt financing.
A main motivation for establishing a presence in Canada was to allow clients to take advantage of the Canada-India Audiovisual Coproduction Treaty, which came into effect July 1, 2014. The treaty allows producers to combine their creative, technical and financial resources to create audiovisual co-productions between both nations, keeping Canada on the leading edge of media production and helping to create jobs and economic growth in both countries.

Learn more about why company co-founder Vikas Bhalla chose British Columbia for IndoWest’s Canadian headquarters.
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