September 2017

Ocean Tech is on the Rise

September 20, 2017
For over 35 years, British Columbia companies have been at the leading edge of research and commercial development of advanced ocean technologies. A recent CBC article celebrating Phil Nuytten's underwater innovations highlighted the achievements in ocean technology coming out of the province. Phil Nuytten’s creations have been used by NASA, National Geographic and filmmaker James Cameron, and they have helped inspire and further the progress of submersibles in B.C. and the world. One company, the Canadian Submersible Facility (CSSF) from North Saanich, is exploring new depths of scientific progress. For the past quart... continue reading
Posted by Abby Pollen
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British Columbia ramps up presence on U.S. West Coast

September 14, 2017
British Columbia’s trade and investment network continues to grow with the establishment of a new representative office in Seattle, Washington. The announcement was made at the Cascadia Innovation Corridor Conference in Seattle. The event, organized by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, brings together businesses and government officials from across the Pacific Northwest to discuss opportunities for regional connectivity and partnerships. The new office will be led by Troy DeFrank who brings with him a decade of experience in international trade and investment. The office will work closely with British Columbia... continue reading
Posted by Amrinder Sandhar
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Spotlight on BC Agrifoods

September 12, 2017
Food is at the centre of every family gathering, and in British Columbia family is at the heart of food production: 98 per cent of B.C. farms are family-owned and operated. And we put a lot of food on the table: B.C. producers export $3.8 billion worth of agrifood and seafood products annually to more than 160 markets worldwide. Some of the most interesting food production developments come in liquid form, as local craft breweries cause a rise in demand for B.C. hops. The province now boasts 10 times the hops growers it had a decade ago, and over 100 craft breweries are snapping up their product locally. Combined sales from B.C.... continue reading
Posted by Abby Pollen
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​Digital Entertainment & Interactive Media in B.C.

September 6, 2017
Virtual reality is redefining what is possible. Artists can paint a scene, and then place themselves in the scene and paint it from a different angle. Engineers can build an engine, and shrink themselves down to examine it from the inside out. Architects can step into an existing cityscape, place their design among the current buildings, and check the view from the balcony of their imagined addition to the skyline. Virtual reality is being used for everything from medical training to entertaining ski tours of Whistler Mountain. Whatever you can dream, you can do in a virtual environment. British Columbia is your gateway to the ne... continue reading
Posted by Abby Pollen
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