​Digital Entertainment & Interactive Media in B.C.

​Digital Entertainment & Interactive Media in B.C.

September 6, 2017 Posted by Abby Pollen

VR equipment in use at Finger Food Studios

Virtual reality is redefining what is possible. Artists can paint a scene, and then place themselves in the scene and paint it from a different angle. Engineers can build an engine, and shrink themselves down to examine it from the inside out. Architects can step into an existing cityscape, place their design among the current buildings, and check the view from the balcony of their imagined addition to the skyline. Virtual reality is being used for everything from medical training to entertaining ski tours of Whistler Mountain. Whatever you can dream, you can do in a virtual environment. British Columbia is your gateway to the new world, with some of the best virtual reality products being developed here.  

The industry has been gaining momentum and British Columbia’s content producers can barely meet the rising demand. B.C. software is making waves too: Time Magazine listed one of the games by Cloudhead – a Qualicum Beach company – among the top five HTC Vive launch games in 2016. Other companies, like Archiact, Finger Food and LNG Studios are using the technology of virtual reality to allow clients to preview deliverables before they are finalized. Digital media generates an estimated $2.3 billion in annual sales, and we have one of the top video game clusters in the world, with more than 120 game development studios employing 5,500 professionals.

British Columbia recognizes the potential of digital media, and industry-led associations like the BC Tech Association DigiBC and the Centre4Growth, as well as Creative BC and the BC Innovation Council, work with government to support innovation in the sector. Our location at the commercial crossroads of Asia-Pacific and North America makes it easier to operate internationally, and we have a well-educated and creative workforce that can respond to evolving sector requirements. Our attractive business incentives and world-renowned quality of life also help companies prosper here.

We are also building relationships internationally through events and collaborative efforts. Representatives from Trade and Invest BC will be attending the Tokyo Game Show this September to showcase B.C.’s innovation. The Tokyo Game Show is the largest game trade show in Japan, welcoming over 260k visitors with leading game studios and publishers exhibiting their latest projects. Our Trade and Invest representatives will facilitate attendance by B.C. companies and help them network with international investors, artists, and enthusiasts. We also look forward to Siggraph, the five-day conference on the latest innovations in the sector, which will return to Vancouver in 2018.

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