Film, Television and Digital Media

Our thriving creative industries are well established, with world-class film, television, visual effects, animation, and post-production companies, and a rich pool of creative talent that can support major feature-length projects - both on-screen and online. Our digital media companies create innovative products in wireless and mobile, video gaming, web 2.0, social media, interactive marketing and e-learning, with uses in entertainment, education, health care, and other fields. 

Film, Television and Digital Media Sector Snapshot

  • Digital media generates annual revenues of $3 billion in British Columbia.
  • We have 1,150 digital media companies employing 16,500 people.
  • Our digital media companies produce video games, animation and visual effects, social media, interactive marketing, and e-learning products.
  • British Columbia has one of the top video game clusters in the world, with more than 120 game development studios employing 5,500 professionals.
  • Digital media companies here develop products used in health care, education, and other fields.
  • We have been the staging ground for both blockbuster films (2012CatwomanGunless and Rambo) and independent productions.

Key Advantages

  • British Columbia’s location on Canada’s west coast places it in the same time zone as studios in California, making it easier to develop efficient and convenient working relationships during business hours.
  • British Columbia’s film, television and digital media sector enjoy strong relationships with other industries. This fuels a collaborative and open-minded approach to projects, resulting in innovative productions.
  • British Columbia is home to a dynamic, highly skilled and multicultural pool of talent. Skilled and experienced storytellers, artists, engineers, and producers live and work here.
  • Workers here can support the largest movie productions, from set construction and casting through to post-production and visual effects.
  • Vancouver has a million square feet of studio space within minutes of downtown and Vancouver International Airport.
  • British Columbia studios can handle up to 40 productions simultaneously. We are one of the top three international full-serve production centres in North America.
  • British Columbia offers significant tax benefits. We have no provincial payroll or corporate capital taxes, one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the G7, and the lowest personal income tax in Canada for individuals earning up to $122,000.

British Columbia's thriving Digital Media sector

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Film, Television and Digital Media Sector Incentives

Qualifying film, television, and digital media companies in British Columbia are eligible for generous tax credits and incentives and a broad range of additional incentives.

Federal Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit: Canadian-controlled  production companies may claim 25 per cent of qualified labour costs for an eligible Canadian production.

British Columbia Production Services Tax Credits: Production companies with a permanent establishment in British Columbia receive a 28 per cent refundable tax credit on eligible labour costs.

Additional credits include:
  • 6 per cent for filming outside of the Vancouver area
  • 6 per cent for filming in a distant location in British Columbia
  • 16 per cent on eligible labour costs for digital animation or visual effects.
  • a training credit is also available for the lesser of 30 per cent of trainee salaries or three per cent of eligible labour costs.
New Media Tax Credit: Resident investors who provide capital for Venture Capital Corporations or Eligible Business Corporations receive a 30 per cent refundable tax credit to a maximum of $60,000.

British Columbia Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit: taxable Canadian corporations with permanent establishments in British Columbia, in the business of developing interactive digital media products may be eligible for a refundable 17.5 per cent tax credit on qualified labour costs.

Federal Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit: Canadian controlled production service companies and production companies with a permanent establishment in Canada may claim 16 per cent of qualified labour costs for an eligible production.

Film Incentive BC: British Columbia-controlled production companies receive a 35 per cent refundable tax credit on eligible labour costs, limited to 60 per cent of total production costs.

Sector Supports

In British Columbia, we are committed to providing a competitive environment for digital media and the film and television industry. Industry-led associations work hand-in-hand with government to provide a range of supports.
  • Creative BC is an independent agency supported by the Province of British Columbia to help build a sustainable creative economy across B.C.’s creative sector: film and television, digital and interactive media, and music, magazine, and book publishing. The agency acts as an industry catalyst helping these industries to reach their economic and creative potential both at home and internationally.
  • DigiBC: A not-for-profit industry association that aims to promote, support and accelerate the growth, sustainability and competitiveness of British Columbia's digital media and wireless industry.
  • British Columbia Technology Industry Association: A not-for-profit organization representing and supporting 8,900 technology companies across British Columbia.
  • Centre4Growth: An initiative of the British Columbia Technology Industry Association that helps entrepreneurs validate opportunities, make connections, and grow their companies.
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