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Natural Gas in British Columbia

World Leader in Responsible Natural Gas Development

British Columbia (B.C.) is home to the second largest natural gas reserves in Canada and is seeing major investment and growth in the industry. In 2018, LNG Canada announced the largest energy investment in Canadian history in a B.C.-based export facility.

Companies benefit from B.C.’s easy access to Asian markets, skilled workforce and transparent regulatory requirements. We aim to have one of the most responsible, inclusive and progressive natural gas industries in the world.

Natural Gas Employee and Workyard

Sector Profile

Sustainable and Responsible

B.C. has been producing natural gas for over 50 years, building strong trade relationships around the world, and developing environmentally responsible practices to protect our communities and resources.

We offer:

  • Abundant supply – The Northeast region of B.C. features some of the world’s most promising areas for natural gas extraction, with the richest deposits in areas such as the Horn River Basin, the Montney Basin, the Liard Basin, and the Cordova Embayment.
  • Ice-free ports – Shipping to Asia can be done faster and easier than any other West Coast port via the Port of Prince Rupert: one to three days faster than ports in Vancouver, Seattle, or Los Angeles.
  • Governmental support – Growing the natural gas sector is a priority for the B.C. government, with active encouragement of investment and efforts to create market opportunities for B.C.
  • Affordable, clean electricity – B.C.’s widely available hydroelectric power delivers economical power from clean and renewable sources, with some of North America’s lowest rates.

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