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British Columbia’s Economy & Business Climate

British Columbia (B.C.) is a natural place to start a business or expand existing operations.

Our stable, welcoming government has streamlined regulations and a competitive, pro-business tax system that makes it easy to get started and keep growing. Combined with a top-ranked quality of life and a diverse, skilled workforce, B.C. is a prime location for your business.

Economy and business climate in British Columbia

Economic Snapshot

Homegrown Talent

British Columbia boasts homegrown international brands like Slack, Hootsuite and Lululemon which have embedded innovation and inclusion into their culture. Our largest city, Vancouver, is one of the fastest-growing low-carbon economies in North America.

Competitive Advantages

With our business-friendly environment and abundant trade opportunities, B.C. attracts investments from all over the world. Canada provides investors with preferential market access through 14 trade agreements with 49 countries. Additionally, B.C. offers stability with one of the highest credit ratings among the Canadian provinces, as well as some of the lowest electricity rates in North America.

A Vibrant Hub for Business Growth

British Columbia (B.C.) offers many natural advantages.

We are home to two of Canada’s largest seaports that serve as a gateway to Asia, abundant resources, a competitive business climate, a well-regulated financial system, and a fiscally responsible government with a stable Moody’s AAA credit rating.

In addition to the data shown in the Economic Snapshot below, more statistical information can be found through the Business Council of B.C. website.

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Driven By Innovation

Businesses in B.C. are developing solutions to the challenges we face globally; from reimagining energy to revolutionizing technology. Emerging industries such as Mass Timber, Hydrogen Energy and Agri Technology are examples of where innovation thrives, connected by researchers, industry partners and funding. Commercialization of the next generation of solutions is made possible here in B.C. due to a healthy business climate that nurtures innovation.

Focused on Sustainability

BC is the cleanest jurisdiction in western North America, with an average of 98% of its electricity generation coming from clean or renewable resources. B.C.’s forests, waters and farmlands have been a source of beauty, food, and economic opportunity – and we are working hard to protect them. At the core of our approach to climate change and building a sustainable economy, is a foundational commitment to protecting and preserving our environment now and for future generations.


A strong economy and a healthy society go hand in hand. Long-term competitiveness driven by nurturing talent, promoting investment, strengthening infrastructure, and fostering innovation are all very important. However, we also believe healthy, inclusive societies, where wealth and opportunity are broadly shared, are more productive, competitive, and resilient than societies where inequality is high.

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