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Tapping into international markets offers the potential for immense business growth. British Columbia’s (B.C.) strategic location on the west coast of North America and its supportive business environment means businesses of all sizes, across all industry sectors, can benefit from going global. Trade and Invest B.C. offers a wide variety of resources to help your business grow through international opportunities.

British Columbia’s Competitive Advantage

There is a vision for B.C.’s economic future: creating an innovative, sustainable, and inclusive economy that works for everyone.

BC’s biggest economic advantage is our people. And with strong and measurable environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments by the province, these principles are a key part of how we do business. Adherence to these principles will help make B.C. businesses stand out and gain competitive advantage in the global economy and help build a Stronger BC.

Export your business advantages by leveraging B.C.’s collective economic advantage. Learn more about our strategic markets and the opportunities to be found in exporting B.C. products and services globally.

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Why Export

Why Export - Grow Sales Infographic
Why Export - Broaden Opportunities Infographic
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Get Started Exporting

Are you export ready?

Answer a few short questions to assess your readiness to do business abroad. Learn what it takes to become export ready.

Funding and Support

Apply for financial support or join programs that help innovative firms and motivated groups reach their export potential.

Export Guides

Access guides and information about what you need to successfully do business in international markets.

Explore Markets

Country and sector information

Research your next target market with up-to-date information and reports on international markets and sectors.

Tariffs, sanctions and export controls

Plan for the tariffs, sanctions, and export and controls that you may encounter when exporting from B.C.

Canada’s trade agreements

Take advantage of Canada’s free trade and foreign investment agreements.

Export Programs For BC Businesses

Export Navigator

A program that offers access to community-based export specialists who can provide a personalized, step-by-step approach to exporting. Available in specific regions outside the lower mainland.

Trade Accelerator Program

For businesses in the Lower Mainland and some other communities, the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) offers access to export specialists who can help businesses go global.

Federal Government Programs

Canada’s federal government offers a variety of programs that help grow business export capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we are asked at Trade and Invest BC about exporting goods and services internationally.

Who We Are

Trade and Invest BC helps organizations find and grow opportunity.

We facilitate foreign investment and enable businesses to successfully expand to and establish a business presence in British Columbia, Canada. We also help build connections and partnerships by promoting the trade of B.C. products and services globally.