Marine Industry in British Columbia

With over 25 thousand kilometers of coastline British Columbia’s (B.C.) economy, and its strategic geographic location as a gateway to the Pacific, has led to a thriving maritime culture and industry. British Columbia competes globally by leading in offshore energy, defence and security, marine transportation, shipbuilding, refit and repair, and environmental monitoring and ocean stewardship. And for over 35 years, British Columbia companies have been at the leading edge of research and commercial development of advanced ocean technologies.

Universities and research organizations work with private sector companies to share knowledge, commercialize data, and advance research. From establishing one of the world’s first and largest undersea digital observatories to developing deep-water submersibles and remotely operated vehicles, British Columbia has consistently been at the forefront of developments in the marine industry. Our advanced education system offers world-renowned programs in ocean sciences and technology.



Over 1,000 Marine industry companies are headquartered in B.C.

Government of B.C. (2021)

The Marine sector generated $6.8B total economic output 

Government of B.C. (2021)

22,000 people are employed in the industrial marine sector in B.C.

Government of B.C. (2021)

Doing business in B.C.’s marine industry is a smart way to access world-class marine services, resources, efficient logistics and transportation, and a wealth of top-tier talent.

  • A promising future – Under the National Shipbuilding Strategy, the Federal Government’s non-combat vessel contracts with B.C. Shipyards are creating jobs, investment, services, and supply chain opportunities within B.C.
  • Marine clusters in British Columbia – Industrial marine clusters in British Columbia are based primarily in the southern coastal areas around the cities of Vancouver and Victoria, with over 1,000 companies headquartered in and around the two cities.
  • Governmental support – The Government of B.C. has committed substantially to industrial marine research, development, and capacity building through competitive taxes. Tax credits such as the B.C. Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industry Tax Credit Program, international trade missions, international trade agreements, and a BC Shipbuilding Advisory Committee provide strategic support to guide government and industry.
  • Maritime economy – British Columbia’s diverse marine sector is home to more than 1,000 companies that make up the industrial marine sector that includes 130 years of shipbuilding, refit, repair, maintenance, and supply-chain activities.
  • Making waves – B.C. has some of the best wave energy potential in the world. The province of B.C. is working with industry experts to advance the development of wave energy projects in B.C.

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