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Digital Media & Entertainment in British Columbia

Canada’s Creative Coast

Located on Canada’s West Coast, British Columbia (B.C.) is Canada’s creative powerhouse.

B.C. is a key player in the global creative economy with industry leaders in digital media, film, television, visual effects, animation and post-production. The province is one of the world’s top video game and AR/VR centres and has been called Hollywood North for decades due to the scale and sophistication of its full-service film and TV production capacity. With an attractive mix of artistic and technical talent, B.C. creators produce award-winning content enjoyed by global audiences.

Person recording motion capture, recording movement for animation and game production

Sector Profile



There are 260+ immersive technology companies in B.C., second only to Silicon Valley

DigiBC (2021)

Number of video game studios in B.C.

Entertainment Software Assoc. of Canada (2021)

Third largest film and tv production centre in North America

Vancouver Economic Commission, 2022

B.C. offers a diverse range of production locations in a single jurisdiction. From production talent, services and infrastructure, to being one of the world’s largest animation and VFX clusters, through to world class post-production services, B.C. has built a global reputation for success.

We offer:

  • A thriving gaming ecosystem – British Columbia is an international centre for console, social and mobile game production, as well as an emerging hub for virtual and augmented reality technology.
  • Supportive organizations and infrastructure – Organizations such as CreativeBC and DigiBC serve as industry catalysts and promoters.
  • Generous tax credits – Sizable tax credits and financial support are available to film, TV and VFX productions by the Government of British Columbia.
  • Creative gaming clusters – Join over 160 video game development studios including EA (Electronic Arts) and Relic Entertainment (Sega).
  • Next level gaming – VR firms, including Microsoft, Cloudhead Games and Archiact, are already looking beyond entertainment to create the future of computing, using VR and mixed reality to build practical tools to enhance education, health care, and other sectors.

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