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Agri Technology in British Columbia

British Columbia is home to over 150 companies that develop and produce world-class agriculture technology, known as agritech. Agritech is the development and application of technology and innovation to the farm, food, and fish sectors to improve production, profitability, and sustainability. Agritech companies across the province are helping to address production issues, arising from a growing population with increasing expectations for sustainability and traceability, and to increase food security in a way that is efficient and innovative.

Agritech is thriving in British Columbia, fueled by research centres and top universities, business accelerators throughout the province, and support from the governments of British Columbia and Canada. Access to key networks and a robust infrastructure connect the emerging sector to domestic and global markets, creating opportunities to find commercial viability and success. The B.C. Government has a keen interest and mandate to support the growth of the agritech sector by facilitating investment opportunities and enhancing food security through the adoption of agritech.

Smart agriculture, farm , sensor technology concept. Farmer hand using tablet for monitoring temperature , humidity , pressure , light of soil in strawberry farm.



B.C. is home to over 150 Agritech companies

B.C. Agritech Land Use Secretariat

Over 515 agrifood commodities & 180 different varieties of seafood harvested every year

Government of B.C. (2018)

Canada is the 5th largest agricultural commodities exporter in the world

Farm Credit Canada (2020).

To help B.C. communities and countries around the world produce food with fewer resources, British Columbia is investing in the opportunities that agritech can bring to the province, through targeted programming and supports, including:

  • Financial assistance: Programs, such as the Agritech Grant Program and the Canada/BC Agri-Innovation Program, are facilitating innovation, growth, competitiveness, and export capacity of B.C. companies and the sector at large.
  • Tailored support: The BC Agritech Concierge Program helps domestic companies access and navigate government programs, and services as they look to expand, attract investment, facilitate partnerships, and export their products.
  • Access to infrastructure and equipment: The BC Food Hub Network provides funding for regional food hubs that enable companies to access shared infrastructure, equipment, and business support services to grow and scale.
  • Partnership development: The Province’s Regenerative Agriculture and Agritech Network facilitates partnerships between government, industry, academia, and the private sector to increase opportunities for knowledge exchange and on-farm demonstration to create jobs and spur agritech adoption.

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