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Agriculture, Food & Beverage in B.C.

Fertile Ground for Opportunity

British Columbia (B.C.) is ripe with opportunity in agriculture, food and beverage with its varied terrain, long coastline and temperate climate. Industry leaders leverage B.C.’s natural advantages with a focus on sustainability, safety, quality and innovation.

We have one of the most diverse agriculture, seafood and food processing industries in Canada, exporting more than 500 agrifood products and 168 different seafood products.

Commercial agriculture in BC - Greenhouses

Sector Profile


British Columbia’s geography and climate allow producers to cultivate a variety of agrifood and seafood products:

We offer:

  • Varied agricultural production – B.C. farms grow high-quality products, including dairy, cattle, poultry, tree fruits, vegetables, berries, grapes, mushrooms, bulbs, ornamental flowers, and shrubs.
  • Value from the sea – A booming seafood industry fuels steady growth and substantial trade and investment opportunities from the coastal waters and shores.
  • Commercial fisheries and aquaculture – British Columbia is known worldwide for its salmon. Other seafood products include groundfish, shellfish, geoducks, and herring.
  • Alcoholic beverages – British Columbia has long been recognized for its award-winning wines. More recently, the province is attracting international interest in craft-brewed ciders, beers, and spirits.
  • Diverse food processing industry – A wide range of agricultural and seafood products support a varied food processing industry. While fish, dairy, poultry, meat, and beverages dominate production, value-added specialty food products are increasing. Consumer interest in safe, high-quality, and sustainably produced food drives growth and innovation in this industry.

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