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Top companies are experiencing the bottom-line advantages of doing business in British Columbia (B.C.), which includes being able to leverage a competitive corporate tax system and a variety of programs and tax incentives.

B.C. is also focused on regulatory reform to make it easier to do business, with streamlined and agile programs in place to create smart regulations that promote growth and innovation.

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B.C. Advantages

Streamlined Regulations

Streamlining of regulations occurs through ongoing regulatory reform and various modernization initiatives. The provincial government publishes an annual report, Better Regulations for British Columbians, that describes regulatory and service improvements made across government every year.

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Competitive Corporate Taxes

B.C.’s competitive corporate tax rates leave companies with more to invest and grow. The tax system is fair, transparent, and applied consistently.

Companies based in B.C. are subject to both Federal and Provincial corporate taxes. Canadian corporations are subject to a 15% federal corporate tax rate. A lower rate may apply to small businesses, where the income business limit is $500,000.

B.C. has two rates of corporate income tax: the general rate and the lower small business rate. The current general corporate income tax rate is 12% and only 2% for small businesses. Taxation of investment income applies at the same general corporate income tax rate. The combined 27% provincial and federal tax rate is below the average tax rate across all U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

A foreign tax credit is also available for eligible corporations that pay taxes to another country on foreign non-business income. The credit reduces the provincial tax otherwise payable.


B.C. is pro-business and has a wide range of programs available to help lower operating costs or provide an avenue for businesses to access essential funds. There are also many Federal and Provincial tax credits available for businesses that qualify based on industry. The B.C. Ministry of Finance publishes a comprehensive list of these tax credits.

Tax credits and programs targeting specific sectors of the economy, which in some cases, are funded by the provincial government in cooperation with the federal government, include:

SectorProgram, Incentive, Fund or Tax Credit
AgrifoodCanadian Fish and Seafood Opportunities Fund (Government of Canada)
Livestock Price Insurance Program (Government of Canada & Province of B.C.)
Agri TechnologyCanada-BC Agri-Innovation (Government of Canada)
Regional Innovation Ecosystems in Western Canada (Government of Canada)
Artificial IntelligenceBC Tech Fund (Province of B.C.)
Augmented/Virtual RealityBC Tech Fund (Province of B.C.)
International Industry Initiatives Program (Province of B.C.)
CleantechRegional Innovation Ecosystems in Western Canada (Government of Canada)
Digital Media & EntertainmentFilm & Television Production Services Tax Credit (Province of B.C.)
Film Incentive BC (Province of B.C.)
BC Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (Province of B.C.)
International Industry Initiatives Program (Province of B.C.)
Forestry & Mass TimberBC Logging Tax Credit (Province of B.C.)
Market Initiatives Program (Province of B.C.)
Hydrogen EnergyRegional Innovation Ecosystems in Western Canada (Government of Canada)
Information & Communications TechnologyRegional Innovation Ecosystems in Western Canada (Government of Canada)
BC Tech Fund (Province of B.C.)
Life SciencesBC Tech Fund (Province of B.C.)
Regional Innovation Ecosystems in Western Canada (Government of Canada)
Mass TimberMass Timber Demonstration Program (Province of B.C.)
MiningMining Investment, Tax and Reclamation Tax Credits (Province of B.C.)
Mining Exploration Tax Credit (Province of B.C.)
Natural GasClean Growth Infrastructure Royalty Program (Province of B.C.)
Infrastructure Royalty Credit Program (Province of B.C.)
Natural Gas Tax Credit (Province of B.C.)
Natural Gas Royalty Allowances (Province of B.C.)
MarineShipbuilding and Ship Repair Tax Credit (Province of B.C.)

Information pertaining to other types of taxes and tax credits can be referenced through the B.C. Ministry of Finance website. Other notable programs that are non-sector specific Include:

Other economic development funding and grants can also be explored through the B.C. Provincial Government website.


The Government of Canada offers various supports to businesses across the country, providing assistance with financing, development, tax credits, and wage subsidies. The following are some of the most widely accessed programs:

Overseen by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada are also a wide variety of other Programs and Initiatives available to Canadian businesses in all areas of the economy.

The Business Benefits Finder can be used to navigate the more than 1,600 federal government programs and incentives available to businesses in Canada.

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