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AR/VR in British Columbia

A Top Global Player in Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

British Columbia (B.C.) has strong roots in digital entertainment and some of the highest technology sector growth rates in the country. We are a burgeoning hub for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) companies. Vancouver’s virtual and augmented reality sector is the second largest in the world, trailing only the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

Investment Opportunity in Canada - Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Looking Ahead


There are 260+ immersive technology companies in B.C., second only to Silicon Valley

DigiBC (2021)

B.C. immersive technology companies generated $2.3B in annual revenues

DigiBC (2021)

B.C. accounts for 35% of all AR/VR revenue activity in Canada

BC Business (2020)

An aptitude for innovation, a pool of highly skilled labour, and a West Coast lifestyle that attracts talent from around the world brings countless possibilities to investors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

We offer:

  • Strong roots – A key reason for B.C.’s thriving AR/VR Industry is its strong roots in digital entertainment— Film/TV, VFX, animation, video game and interactive media industry in the Lower Mainland region, all of which have played a substantial role in laying the groundwork for the rise of AR/VR.
  • Clusters of creativity – Imagination and innovation aren’t exclusive to the major cities. While Vancouver and Victoria are busy technology epicentres, there are incubators and accelerators available in Nanaimo, Kelowna, Kamloops, and other growing communities.
  • Education with experience – The workforce in B.C. has access to world-class educational opportunities: all of its major post-secondary institutions provide comprehensive training in leading edge facilities.
  • Virtual entrepreneurs – An aptitude for innovation and a pro-development ecosystem create an ideal balance of work and play for entrepreneurs and investors. The mix of lifestyle and tech amenities allows innovators to have the flexibility to create during the workweek, then explore the lifestyle B.C. is known for.
  • Cross-sector potential – B.C. companies provide value-added AR/VR platforms to advance training and education methods and systems, and to enable interactive experiences for a variety of other applications in many sectors such as life sciences, digital media and entertainment, aerospace, and natural resources to name a few.

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