Doing Business in British Columbia, Canada
Innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity are the foundation of British Columbia’s business culture.
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Why Choose BC

British Columbia has one of the most competitive business climates in North America and is a leader in shaping the high-skill, competitive, low-carbon economy of the future. Our location and infrastructure keep us connected to all major markets, with the ability to do business with Europe and Asia on the same business day. B.C.’s true competitive advantage is its people – we have a highly skilled, diverse workforce and British Columbia’s reputation as one of the most desirable places to live makes us a global magnet for talent. Learn more about our:

  • Business Climate and Economy
  • Talent and Workforce
  • Location and Global Access
  • Innovation Ecosystem
  • Rich Natural Resources
  • ESG Advantages
  • Quality of Life

Explore our Advantages

Electric Vehicle in BC

B.C.’s ESG Advantages

In British Columbia, like-minded individuals, businesses, communities and Indigenous Peoples are partnering to create an economic and investment climate that is environmentally, ethically and economically conscious.

Policies are in place to reflect the values of British Columbian’s – from a climate plan that protects the province’s prized clean air to human rights laws that help to protect all people from discrimination.

We offer:

  • The cleanest jurisdiction in western North America, with an average of 98% of electricity generation coming from clean or renewable resources
  • A roadmap to a net-zero future
  • Policies that reflect our values

Discover who we are.

Life sciences in BC

A Multicultural Magnet for Top Talent Workforce

From some of the world’s top scientists to thousands of computer science and engineering graduates each year, British Columbia provides a highly skilled workforce and strong talent pipeline.

We offer:

  • 25 colleges and universities, including the University of British Columbia, which ranks consistently among the top five percent of universities in the world.
  • A hotspot for students worldwide, with the second-largest concentration of international students in Canada.
  • Progressive and robust immigration programs that give companies access to unique and specialized international workers.

Discover how B.C. attracts top talent for companies.

A Flourishing Innovation Ecosystem Hub

North of Silicon Valley and Seattle, British Columbia has a uniquely creative and collaborative tech culture. We have quickly grown into a thriving innovation hotspot, with more than 11,000 tech companies, including Microsoft, which recently added 500 jobs to its downtown Vancouver campus. Video gaming giant Electronic Arts, is also investing in a large-scale expansion of its Canadian headquarters campus.

We offer:

  • Some of the highest technology sector growth rates in the country
  • The second largest virtual and augmented reality sector in the world

Come join our trailblazers – our inclination for innovation is contagious.

Prince Rupert Hikers

Awe-Inspiring Mountains, Coastline and Lifestyle

In British Columbia, our temperate climate, cosmopolitan cities and natural wonders provide a quality of life that draws people from around the world. In fact, Vancouver ranks as one of the world’s most livable cities.

We offer:

  • Award-winning universities
  • An excellent public health-care system
  • A diverse arts and cultural scene

Our rich culture is powered by our people. B.C. is committed to true, lasting and meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and as the most ethnically diverse province in Canada, our multicultural society helps nurture inclusiveness, understanding and mutual respect.

See why people are naturally drawn to B.C.

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A Vibrant Hub for Business Growth

British Columbia boasts homegrown international brands like Slack, Hootsuite and Lululemon which have embedded innovation and inclusion into their culture. Our largest city, Vancouver, is one of the fastest-growing low-carbon economies in North America.

We offer:

  • Preferential market access through 14 trade agreements with 49 countries
  • Stability with one of the highest credit ratings among the Canadian provinces
  • Some of the lowest electricity rates in North America

Discover how our stable operating environment and forward-thinking mindset accelerates business growth, innovation and prosperity.

Canada’s West Coast Global Gateway

British Columbia’s prime location on North America’s west coast makes it easy and cost effective to do business around the world. We have 30 border crossings to the U.S., and our Pacific time zone means you can do business with New York, London or Hong Kong all within the same day. 

We offer:

  • The Port of Vancouver (largest in Canada)
  • The Port of Prince Rupert (closest North American west coast port to Asia)
  • 36 certified airports, including Vancouver’s YVR.
  • Extensive rail lines and major roads
  • The highest rate of broadband and overall Internet connectivity in Canada

See how your business can benefit from being in B.C.

Prince Rupert Forestry, Mass Timber

Rich Natural Resources Meet Next-Generation Technology

British Columbia’s stunning coastline, lush forests, mountains, rivers and valleys are not only beautiful – they drive our economy. B.C.’s rich natural resources fuel everything from forestry and agriculture to mining and natural gas, while using sustainable practices and cutting-edge technologies.  We are a leading producer of the minerals and metals needed to transition to a low-carbon future.

We offer:

  • Millions of hectares of forested land, sustainable forest practices and high-quality forestry products
  • Agriculture, seafood and food processing industries that produce one of the most diverse selections of products in Canada

Learn more about our natural advantages.

Learn more about B.C.

Discover the sector or regional advantages to support your business. Learn more about community engagement and consulting with Indigenous people and First Nations communities in British Columbia.