Doing Business in British Columbia, Canada

Innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity are the foundation of British Columbia’s business culture.

Why Choose BC

British Columbia (B.C.) combines a business-friendly environment with an outstanding quality of life. Organizations choosing to operate in B.C. benefit from our prime locations, rich natural resources, attractive investment climate and skilled, educated workforce. B.C. is naturally positioned to meet the needs of investors, businesses and trading partners looking for opportunities in jurisdictions that have strong and measurable ESG commitments. 

Creative and educated communities throughout the province generate high-potential possibilities supported by government and industry. On the West Coast of Canada, British Columbia offers opportunity in expansion and capital investment across a wide range of industries, with trade representatives specializing in facilitating opportunities with investors from nations around the world.

  • Taxes, Incentive & Programs
  • Globally Connected
  • Skilled, Diverse Workforce
  • An Innovation Hub
  • B.C.’s ESG Advantage
  • World-Class Quality of Life
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B.C.’s ESG Advantage

British Columbia is committed to a sustainable economy for everyone and prioritizes low-carbon initiatives that benefit our province and the world. Leadership and policy reflect progressive environmental, social, and governance goals. In 2020, the province saw 96.5% of its energy generated by renewable resources.

In B.C., like minded individuals, businesses, communities, and Indigenous peoples are partnering to create an economic and investment climate that is environmentally, ethically, and economically conscious.
This is because B.C. doesn’t just talk about diversity and sustainability – these principles are part of how we do business.

Taxes, Incentive & Programs

British Columbia maintains a global reputation as a great place to do business through strong fiscal management, a stable economy, and streamlined pro-business regulations. In British Columbia, labour, utility, and facility costs are generally lower than most top North American locations, as are corporate income tax rates. Combined with a dependable legal system, British Columbia is the optimal location for business opportunities in North America and around the world.

  • Operating Costs
    Lower labour, power, and facility costs, compared to other major North American urban centers, make British Columbia, Canada an attractive destination for business.
  • Streamlined Regulations
    B.C. has streamlined its regulations, giving you more time to focus on running your business.
  • Competitive Taxes
    B.C. has the lowest provincial personal income taxes in Canada for individuals earning up to $125,000 and among the lowest general corporate income taxes in the G7.
  • Supportive Government
    British Columbia takes pride in strong fiscal management and a stable, business-friendly economy.

Globally Connected

British Columbia is the West Coast gateway to Asia and major global centres. Modern infrastructure of ports, airports, roads, railways, and a state-of-the-art communications network are the tangible assets, but the real value of British Columbia’s global connectivity lies in the intangible: a diverse, multilingual population that supports strong cultural and family ties across the globe, providing a deep and rich worldview. Collaboration between thinkers and doers, communities and companies, ecosystems and economies are what link British Columbia to the global community.

36 Certified Airports

30 USA Border Crossings

Port of Vancouver is the largest in Canada


British Columbia is a key transportation hub between the Asia-Pacific region and North America.


Canada has one of the world’s most open trading economies, providing substantial value to businesses in British Columbia.


British Columbia has the highest rate of broadband and overall Internet connectivity in Canada.

The West Coast Innovation Hub

British Columbia fuels innovation on a strong foundation of education, research, development, and collaboration.

These are the building blocks that creative thinkers and problem solvers use to generate new ideas and inspired solutions to global needs. Innovations conceived in our world-leading academic institutions are nurtured through accelerators and incubators, with industry and public sector support to help the companies behind them earn global recognition.

Imagination, innovation, creation, and problem-solving are found in B.C. and benefit the world

Skilled, Diverse Workforce

Students in British Columbia receive a high quality education that prepares them for careers and jobs that are in-demand in today’s economy. British Columbia’s world-class post-secondary education institutions work to ensure the training they offer supports an educated and highly-skilled workforce.

  • 25 publicly funded universities, colleges and institutes
  • 1,900 programs, producing a wealth of skill and talent
  • 60% of our workers have obtained a post-secondary credential at the certificate level or higher
Life sciences in BC

Unparalleled Quality of Life

British Columbia’s cosmopolitan cities and dynamic local communities, temperate climate and breadth of outdoor experiences provide a quality of life that is unparalleled, drawing people from around the world. This diversity contributes to an inclusive cultural experience and a safe and healthy living environment.

With sophisticated urban hubs, picturesque world-renowned resorts, award-winning post-secondary institutions, an excellent public health-care system, and unparalleled recreation, British Columbians enjoy an excellent quality of life, whether they were born in B.C. or have chosen it as their home.

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