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Kelowna, in the Central Okanagan is one of Canada’s fastest growing regions.
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Expand to British Columbia

British Columbia (B.C.) is a natural place to start a business or expand existing operations.

Our stable, welcoming government has streamlined regulations and a competitive, pro-business tax system that makes it easy to get started and keep growing. Combined with a top-ranked quality of life and a diverse, skilled workforce, B.C. is a prime location for your business.

Global Access

Commercial Crossroads of Asia-Pacific

2.6 Million

Growing labour pool of highly educated and skilled workers


Corporate tax rate in among lowest in G7

A Natural Place to Grow Your Business

Open an office in B.C. and enjoy a prime location on the west coast of Canada that provides access to global markets, a simplified immigration process, and competitive business costs.

World-class educational facilities and cultures of innovation and inclusivity have produced a workforce that is creative and welcoming to new opportunities and immigrants.

Discover the possibilities growing in every corner of B.C.

People and businesses around the world move to B.C. for our vibrant cities, outdoor living, stable economy, streamlined business climate, strategic location, and world-class infrastructure.

A high concentration of customer experience professionals allows for easy transitions from industry to industry, allowing the truly excellent to thrive and lead.

British Columbia has invested heavily in building world-class colleges, universities, technical institutions, and research facilities while developing a culture of collaboration.

B.C.’s diverse manufacturing sector draws on the local natural resources, empowered workforce, and innovation to manufacture high-quality products for use across all sectors around the world.

Efficient supply chains, an extensive network of railways and highways, international airports, and shipping ports supporting the entire Pacific Coast bringing huge value to businesses in British Columbia.

At almost a million square kilometres, British Columbia’s vastness brings a wealth of natural resources: forests, minerals, aquaculture, natural gas, and hydropower help to drive your business.

Doing Business in British Columbia

Expanding your business presence in British Columbia? General information about laws, regulations, employment considerations, taxes, and business practices that are relevant to starting and operating a company in B.C. can be found in this comprehensive guide.

Taxes, Programs & Incentives for BC Businesses

British Columbia has one of the strongest business ecosystems in North America. Our stable, supportive government naturally helps businesses grow and succeed.

Explore the programs and incentives that can build your business to compete in the global market.

Find Commercial Property & Site Locations

There are a wide array of communities and options available to suit the needs of every business in finding the perfect business location. Whether you want to locate in a metropolitan city or a more rural locale, B.C. has something for your business.

Find a natural fit for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we are asked at Trade and Invest BC about expanding to BC.

We Can Help

At Trade and Invest British Columbia we can provide up-to-date information about the business environment in British Columbia for business seeking to expand to Canada. We can also assist with planning your visit to business locations throughout the province, including available sites and facilities, with introductions to community leaders.