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Natural Resource Operations in British Columbia

Starting a natural resources operation in British Columbia is made easy through a coordinated approach that streamlines the paperwork for new projects. There are plenty of untapped opportunities across the vast size of the province and the government has measures in place to develop these resources in a sustainable way that respects the environment and local communities.

Vancouver Port with Mountain in Background

B.C. has 1,105 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves

Canada Energy Regulator (2018)

B.C. boasts 26 different mining operations currently active throughout the province

B.C. Government

There are approximately 47 million hectares of certified forests in B.C. 

Forestry Innovation & Investment

B.C. Advantages


British Columbia supports early consultation with communities and First Nations when it comes to natural resources, in an effort to build relationships and share information.


The mining sector of British Columbia has access to low taxation as well as competitive tax credits for research and development, training, and more.


With over 22 million hectares of working forest, and some of the world’s most promising areas for natural gas extraction, the scope and scale of available resources in B.C. are truly vast.

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