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British Columbia (B.C.) has built a strong reputation for producing high-quality goods and outstanding services across multiple sectors to serve the needs of the province, the country, and the world.

Strategically located on Canada’s west coast, British Columbia lies at the commercial crossroads of the Asia-Pacific region and North America. British Columbia has an efficient transportation network, integrating air and marine ports with rail lines and major roads.

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Explore what B.C. brings to the table in terms of products and services, opportunities, and international trade agreements.

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Doing business with British Columbia brings you the access, predictability, streamlined processes and reduced costs that come with one of the world’s most open trading economies.

BC & Canada Free Trade Agreements

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Here are some common questions we are asked at Trade and Invest BC about buying BC goods and services.

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British Columbia has Trade Representatives in markets around the world. Contact the representative nearest you for support in doing business with British Columbia.