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Invest Capital in British Columbia

Choosing to invest in British Columbia (B.C.) means you benefit from a welcoming environment which actively encourages investment and is recognized for its ease of setting up business.

Investors will find that our reputation for safety, a stable fiscal and political environment, a dependable legal system, and top-ranked quality of life, makes us the natural choice for business in Canada.

Direct or Indirect Acquisitions

Generally, the direct acquisition of an established business does not require government review. Transactions are subject to pre-merger review under the Investment Canada Act based on certain thresholds.

The indirect acquisition of a company doing business in B.C. – perhaps through the acquisition of a parent company – is subject to review:

  • If the assets of the Canadian business affected are worth $50 million or more
  • If the Canadian business represents 50 per cent or more of the acquired company’s assets
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The B.C. Major Investments Office

International businesses are discovering the advantages of our open and diversified economy and are exploring opportunities to base their next major projects in British Columbia.

The Major Investments Office (MIO) acts as a primary government liaison for major B.C. investment projects with the potential to provide significant economic benefit to British Columbia communities.

MIO provides investors with concierge services to streamline government processes for large investments and helps to accelerate approvals across ministries.

Doing Business in British Columbia

Expanding your business presence in British Columbia? General information about laws, regulations, employment considerations, taxes, and business practices that are relevant to starting and operating a company in B.C. can be found in this comprehensive guide.

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Revelstoke Dam spillway near the city of Revelstoke in British Columbia, Canada

Major Projects in B.C.

The Major Projects Inventory (MPI) includes a listing of private and public sector construction projects in B.C. with an estimated capital cost of $15 million (CAD) or greater.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we are asked at Trade and Invest BC about capital investment in BC.

We Can Help

Trade and Invest BC helps facilitate foreign direct investment and has Trade and Investment Representatives in markets around the world. Contact the representative nearest you for support in investing in British Columbia.