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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in British Columbia

British Columbia (B.C.), a leader in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector with our clean electricity, abundant natural resources, and innovative companies, is strategically positioned to leverage the growing hydrogen economy. B.C. is an ideal jurisdiction for investments in hydrogen production, research, use, and export.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles


Renewable and low-carbon hydrogen is a crucial component of B.C.’s clean and sustainable energy future and will likely be seen as a roadmap for nations around the world to follow:

  • Promoting innovation and investment – Partnerships, such as the B.C. Centre of Innovation and Clean Energy, are driving the commercialization of new hydrogen technology, while financial supports are available to encourage fuel cell electric vehicles and infrastructure usage.
  • Fueling a net-zero economy – Hydrogen production in B.C. is currently stimulated by direct support and financial incentives, with plans to promote hydrogen production at scale to meet the demand of domestic and international markets.
  • Storage and distribution – British Columbia already has a fully developed gaseous fuel distribution system capable of transporting hydrogen, and smaller volumes of hydrogen can be delivered via tube trailers.
  • Active export strategy – B.C. is collaborating with industry stakeholders and global partners to promote hydrogen for domestic and international use, as well as the adoption of B.C.’s fuel cell technologies.
  • Clean tech jobs – British Columbia has a skilled workforce of over 1,300 people in this sector.

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