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Clean Technology in British Columbia

The clean tech sector in British Columbia (B.C.) is among the top 10 globally, due in large part to our world-class utility programs, access to multiple forms of renewable energy, and strong ties to world markets. With the highest technology sector growth rates in Canada, B.C. is home to more than a quarter of Canadian clean technology companies in the areas of water and waste management, carbon capture, use and sequestration, clean transportation, energy management, efficiency and storage, fuel cells and hydrogen. Leadership in clean, sustainable electricity, with 98% generated from renewable resources, demonstrates that sustainability is a major focus for the people and Government of B.C.

Cape Scott wind farms

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Cleantech Highlights

B.C. is actively engaged in finding and refining better ways to power the future, and here are a few of the ways we’re making it happen:

  • Clean power – The abundance of affordable hydroelectricity and sustainable energy sources delivers competitive pricing – some of the lowest in North America — to fuel innovation.
  • Wide range of opportunities – Clean transportation, hydrogen and fuel cell innovations, desalination treatment, water purification, carbon capture, and renewable energy technologies are just a few of the active programs working towards a cleaner future. B.C. is powering our transition to a lower-carbon future with a new hydrogen strategy.
  • Supportive government – Programs like the B.C. Indigenous Clean Energy initiative, the Clean-Tech Innovation Strategy, the CleanBC program, and other government-supported projects are driving investment and industry looking to meet the growing global demand for low-carbon products, services, and pollution-reducing technologies.
  • Centres of excellence – You can find engaged, active, and innovative centres of excellence in many of our world-class educational institutions across the province. These centres are driving research, development, and training in renewable energy, sustainable building, integrated energy solutions, private research, and testing.

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