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FDI & Trade Relationships

Canada has a key first mover advantage as the only country to have free trade agreements (FTA) with all other countries in the G7. Canada is also the only G7 country with preferential FTA access to the world’s two largest economies the E.U. and the U.S., making it well positioned for businesses looking for a competitive advantage. With support from the B.C. government, export-ready international enterprises can develop strong relationships to obtain essential resources, skilled labour, and streamlined shipping and logistics that bring efficiency and value to their operations.

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Doing Business in British Columbia, Canada

Ready for Investment

With a rich supply of resources across various industries, intelligent logistics to bring raw materials in and send finished goods where they need to go, and a deep pool of skilled labour, B.C. brings a substantial advantage to investors around the world.

Trade Agreements

Doing business with British Columbia brings you the access, predictability, streamlined processes and reduced costs that come with one of the world’s most open trading economies.

BC & Canada Free Trade Agreements

Key Markets

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