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British Columbia and the United Kingdom

Canada-UK Trade Relationships

British Columbia and the United Kingdom (U.K.) are connected through the Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Agreement as well as through a range of trade and investment activities. As a home to many global firms, including the headquarters of 22 Fortune Global 500 companies, the U.K. supports a growing and active business environment.

Trade & Investment Highlights

  • Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Agreement (Canada-U.K. TCA) – This agreement supports the provision of a stable economic relationship and trade activities between Canada and the United Kingdom.
  • The U.K. has a highly educated and multicultural population, supporting its many economic ties around the globe.
  • Geographically, both B.C. and the U.K. possess advantageous locations and time-zones for companies with a global outlook operating in either of the two regions.

U.K. at a Glance

Monetary figures are in USD

Opportunity for Foreign Investors and B.C. Exporters


The U.K. possesses the second largest aerospace sector globally and focuses on high value and high technology engineering, manufacturing and services. There are specific opportunities for B.C. companies to support this sector in engines, helicopters and advanced systems such as fuel, mechanical, avionics, electric power and landing gears.

Agrifood & Agritech             

The United Kingdom is a net importer of agriculture and agri-food products. Key U.K. trends include plant-based foods, vegetarian/vegan alternatives and convenience foods. Additionally, e-commerce and online grocery shopping continues to rise in the United Kingdom. There is opportunity for B.C. companies with relevant agriculture/agri-food capabilities to operate within these markets.


There are various areas of opportunity for B.C. clean tech companies to showcase their capabilities in the United Kingdom. Currently, the key opportunities lie in carbon capture utilization and storage, energy efficiency, energy storage, hydrogen and smart energy systems.

Digital & Interactive Media

There is a strong gaming, VR/AR and animation cluster in London, U.K. with established connections to B.C. companies. There are opportunities for B.C. trade, innovation and investment attraction in gaming, animation/VFX, and VR/AR.


The U.K.’s ICT sector is one of high value, providing 1.6 million jobs and producing over $300 billion in revenue annually. There are significant opportunities for B.C. companies in Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, enterprise software, e-commerce, cloud, cybersecurity and 5G.

Life Sciences

The U.K. maintains a significant market for medical devices, Health IT and related technologies. Due to local talent shortages, firms consider expansion outside of the U.K. for talent, technology and market share. Canada is one of their main targets as a potential destination for expansion.

United Kingdom Top Industries (2017-2021)

Key Market Landing Pages Infographic - UK
Key Market Landing Pages Infographic - UK
Key Market Landing Pages Infographic - UK
Key Market Landing Pages Infographic - UK

How We Help

  • Assist in commercial location identification and site selection.
  • Provide information on transportation infrastructure and logistics gateways.
  • Offer introductions to sector associations, industries and provide cluster insight.
  • Facilitate understanding and solutions for talent, skilled workforce and labour mobility
  • Facilitate engagement with professional advisors on legal, compliance and tax matters
  • Help navigating and offering referrals within government agencies on First Nations, business and regulatory processes.
  • Identify high potential investment opportunities and offer industry insight.
  • Introductions to sector associations and local industry contacts.
  • Introductions to companies seeking investments to expand.
  • Provide knowledge on local innovation hubs and connections to entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Introductions to local venture capital networks.
  • Assist in navigating government export programs and financial supports.
  • Advice and coaching in international expansion and exporter development.
  • Support Team BC missions and trade events.
  • Match buyers and sellers in local and foreign markets.
  • Provide insight on trade agreements and barriers.
  • Introductions to trade representatives in foreign markets.
  • Market entry assistance in international markets.

Trade & Investment Offices


British Columbia’s Trade and Investment Representative office in London is the centre for our programs throughout Europe.

Europe’s multi-faceted economy continues to present many opportunities for trade and partnership in key sectors. These include resources, biomass and green technologies, information and communication technologies, life sciences, and education.

Rely on our London office to help you network and capitalize on shared business opportunities.

London Office:
10 York Road
London, SE1 7ND
United Kingdom

Contact our Trade and Investment Representatives. Our team welcomes your inquiries

Rupert Potter - Trade & Invest BC
Rupert Potter
Managing Director
Melissa Arsenault - Trade & Invest BC
Melissa Arsenault
Operations Manager

– Agrifood

Graham Hilton - Trade & Invest BC
Graham Hilton
Trade and Investment Specialist

– Natural Resources
– Renewable Energy
– Forestry & Mass Timber

Rhoda Campbell - Trade & Invest BC
Rhoda Campbell
Trade and Investment Specialist

– Information and Communications Technologies
– Digital and Creative

Laetitia Macdougall - Trade & Invest BC
Laetitia Macdougall
Trade and Investment Specialist

– Life Sciences
– Health and Consumer Products
– Information and Communication Technologies

Lukas Josten - Trade & Investment Representative
Lukas Josten
Trade and Investment Specialist, Germany

– Cleantech
– Advanced Manufacturing

Paul Kleijne - Trade & Invest BC
Paul Kleijne
Trade and Investment Specialist, The Netherlands

– Marine
– Agritech

Connect With Our International Network

Our Trade and Investment Representatives can help you establish the right connections, participate in events and tradeshows, explore programs and initiatives, and more.

Connect With Our International Network

Our Trade and Investment Representatives can help you establish the right connections, participate in events and tradeshows, explore programs and initiatives, and more.