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Trade & Invest BC opens doors to reduce the time, cost and risk of exporting by BC companies.
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Get Help Exporting

In today’s global marketplace, exporting and other international trade opportunities are important success factors for a growing number of companies. But entrepreneurs are often intimidated by the prospect and challenges of doing business internationally.

There are plenty of opportunities for your business to grow beyond the borders of Canada; the rewards can be great, but exporting is not without risks.

Export Readiness

An export-ready business has the capacity, resources, and management to deliver a marketable product or service on a global scale at a competitive price. Trade & Invest BC is your partner in reaching new global markets offer services, resources, and expertise to support your export-ready business.

How Free Trade Agreements Benefit B.C. Businesses

How Free Trade Benefits BC Businesses

Export Guides

Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service offers numerous guides to help companies establish foundational knowledge in their export journey. Use these guides to help plan and diversify your international business footprint. You will learn about:

  • what steps you need to follow to be export-ready
  • export processes and requirements
  • the benefits of global value chains
  • how to export to specific markets
  • how to sell to foreign governments

Export Navigator Program

Export Navigator’s community-based advisors provide free support and ongoing guidance to help your business grow outside of B.C. Whether you need export advice or help with developing export strategies and researching new markets, we are standing by to connect you with expert guidance. This program is managed by Small Business BC and is available to B.C. businesses located outside of Victoria and Vancouver.

Trade Accelerator Program (TAP)

Essential strategy, resources, and mentorship to help SMEs scale up, develop, and activate an export plan designed to help you tap into your full export potential. The program has a reputation of achieving real results, fast. This program is managed by the Vancouver Board of Trade and is available to B.C. businesses in regions not currently served by Export Navigator program.

We Can Help

British Columbia has Trade Representatives in markets around the world. Contact the representative nearest you for support in doing business with British Columbia.