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Where Rich Natural Resources Meet Next-Generation Technology

British Columbia’s (B.C.) beautiful landscape help drive our economy and provide new opportunities. Our rich natural resources fuel everything from forestry and agriculture to mining and natural gas, while utilizing sustainable practices and cutting-edge technologies.

Clean energy - Hydroelectric power in British Columbia

Our Natural Advantage

B.C.’s millions of hectares of forested land, sustainable forest practices and high-quality forestry products are world renowned. Thanks to B.C.’s varied terrain and temperate climate, our agriculture, seafood and food processing industries produce one of the most diverse selections of products in Canada.

The Way Forward

B.C. is home to vast resources of natural gas and aims to have one of the most responsible, inclusive and progressive natural gas industries in the world. We are committed to working with the industry to meet climate targets by investing in the electrification of upstream oil and gas production.

As global demand for the minerals and metals needed for transitioning to a low-carbon future increases, B.C. is at the forefront. Our clean and reliable hydroelectric power, offered at some of the lowest rates in North America, helps companies save on costs and reduce environmental impact.

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