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Mass Timber in British Columbia

British Columbia’s (B.C.) abundant forests and inclination for innovation and sustainability puts us at the forefront of the mass timber industry. B.C. is a global leader in the high-tech production of energy-efficient, earthquake-resistant, sustainable engineered wood products that will revolutionize construction worldwide. The province’s mass timber sector is projected to be worth $403 million by 2035.

Investment Opportunity in Canada - Mass Timber Industry

Growing Advantages

We offer:

  • Sustainability – Mass timber is well aligned with green-building practices, climate action, and carbon management. It has the potential to significantly reduce the embodied emissions of buildings and supports a shift towards net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  • Strength – British Columbia’s sustainably managed mass timber products can be used to supplement — or replace — structural steel or concrete, meeting or exceeding code requirements.
  • Demand through innovation – Made-in-B.C. wood products are used in a wide range of building projects locally and globally due to their light-yet-strong characteristics and classic west coast style.
  • Support and expertise – B.C. leads the way through its commitment to mass timber projects and research, in addition to its support of the development of a mass timber advisory council, comprised of industry, urban planning and development experts, First Nations communities, environmental non-profits, and local governments.
  • Minimal waste – Mass timber uses advanced, high-tech manufacturing techniques to maximize the use of wood.

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