British Columbia and Indonesia

As a G20 member with a strong democracy and social stability, Indonesia maintains a positive trade and investment relationship with British Columbia. With the world’s fourth largest population, a growing middle class and a rising average disposable income, Indonesia provides many opportunities for B.C. businesses to develop partnerships and sustain operations.

Trade & Investment Highlights

  • Indonesia is strategically located and easily accessible between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean with an abundance of natural resources.
  • Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest economy.
  • With one of the highest mobile subscriber bases in Asia, Indonesia is one of the fastest developing telecommunications markets globally.
  • In 2021, Indonesia was the 13th largest market for B.C. origin commodities to be exported.

Indonesia at a Glance

Monetary figures are in USD

Opportunity for Foreign Investors and B.C. Exporters

Indonesia Top Industries (2017-2021)

Key Market Landing Pages Infographic - Indonesia
Key Market Landing Pages Infographic - Indonesia
Key Market Landing Pages Infographic - Indonesia
Key Market Landing Pages Infographic - Indonesia

How We Help

  • Assist in commercial location identification and site selection.
  • Provide information on transportation infrastructure and logistics gateways.
  • Offer introductions to sector associations, industries and provide cluster insight.
  • Facilitate understanding and solutions for talent, skilled workforce and labour mobility
  • Facilitate engagement with professional advisors on legal, compliance and tax matters
  • Help navigating and offering referrals within government agencies on First Nations, business and regulatory processes.
  • Identify high potential investment opportunities and offer industry insight.
  • Introductions to sector associations and local industry contacts.
  • Introductions to companies seeking investments to expand.
  • Provide knowledge on local innovation hubs and connections to entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Introductions to local venture capital networks.
  • Assist in navigating government export programs and financial supports.
  • Advice and coaching in international expansion and exporter development.
  • Support Team BC missions and trade events.
  • Match buyers and sellers in local and foreign markets.
  • Provide insight on trade agreements and barriers.
  • Introductions to trade representatives in foreign markets.
  • Market entry assistance in international markets.

Trade & Investment Office


British Columbia’s trade and investment network provides direct access for B.C. companies interested in the Indonesian market as well as other countries in the ASEAN economic region. Our experienced trade and investment professionals can help you network and explore business opportunities in the region.

Jakarta Office:
Embassy of Canada
World Trade Centre I, 6th Floor
Jalan Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29-31
Jakarta 12920, Indonesia

Contact our Trade and Investment Representatives. Our team welcomes your inquiries

Rohan Belliappa - Trade and Investment BC
Rohan Belliappa
Managing Director, ASEAN
Debora Gracia - Trade & Invest BC
Debora Gracia
Commercial Officer

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Our Trade and Investment Representatives can help you establish the right connections, participate in events and tradeshows, explore programs and initiatives, and more. Connect with an expert near you.