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B.C. is the Natural Place for Natural Food Products

Inno Foods, headquartered in Langley, British Columbia (B.C.), is a family-owned venture dedicated to delivering top-notch, healthy snacks worldwide. Established in 1989 the company’s journey began from a humble local bakery to an international brand known in Asian and U.S. markets due to its commitment to quality and ingenuity.

Inception and Evolution

Four images of historical images of staff, presentation, office shown as tiles Originally known as Inno Bakery in Vancouver, Inno Foods was founded with a vision to provide consumers with wholesome, nutritious snacks. From the outset, they have prioritized using healthy ingredients sourced locally, and avoiding artificial additives. The bakery gained popularity with its freshly baked sugar free breads and buns. The business then expanded to a frozen dough business (Park’s Bread ‘n’ Buns Factory). Later, in 2015, the company took a strategic bite at the snack food market, using coconut as a key ingredient for their inaugural product line.

Inno Foods’ pivotal moment arrived when they forged a partnership with retail giant Costco. Their Coconut Clusters, launched in 2021, quickly became a staple on Costco shelves worldwide. The overwhelming success of this collaboration propelled Inno Foods into the spotlight, resulting in a significant surge in sales revenue and causing rapid expansion.

Expanding Horizons with Partnerships and International Markets

Now, with over 300 employees, Inno Foods has set their sights on international markets, particularly in Asia. With the assistance of Trade and Invest British Columbia, they embarked on a strategic outreach campaign to countries like South Korea, the Philippines and Singapore. Notably, their participation in BC Week in South Korea in October 2023 proved instrumental in securing a major distribution deal with South Korea’s largest distributor, E-Mart.

People at a trade show boothTrade and Invest BC’s in-market representatives played an important role in Inno Food’s global expansion. The Trade and Investment Representatives facilitated crucial introductions and provided invaluable insights into local markets and consumer preferences. From South Korea to the Philippines, Inno Foods leveraged these partnerships to establish a strong foothold in new markets.

In March 2024, Inno Foods capitalized on yet another opportunity to expand their reach by participating in Natural Products Expo West (NPEW), a premier industry event, with the support of B.C.’s Trade and Investment Representatives in the United States. The connections made at such events, including engagements with potential buyers like Albertsons, underscored the importance of personal relationships in driving business growth.

The B.C. Advantage

Vancouver’s global reputation as a hub of natural beauty and culinary excellence has lent credibility to Inno Foods’ brand narrative — the company proudly emphasizes its B.C. origins as a mark of quality and authenticity, resonating with consumers worldwide.

Inno Foods company building with logoInno Foods’ journey from a local bakery to an international enterprise exemplifies the transformative power of innovation and strategic partnerships. By staying true to their commitment to quality and inventiveness, they have not only successfully contributed to the snacking industry but also showcased the immense potential of British Columbia as a fertile ground for business growth. As they continue to explore new frontiers and forge deeper connections with consumers around the globe, Inno Foods remains poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of healthy snacking.

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