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BC Week in Korea 2023: Igniting Collaborations

“British Columbia Week” at the Embassy of Canada in Korea showcased the province’s information communication technology, digital entertainment, clean tech, energy, agrifood and consumer goods sectors. Hosted by Trade and Invest B.C.’s South Korea Office, the event ran from October 24 to 26, 2023 with Export Development Canada (EDC), Global Affairs Canada and Arc’teryx as co-sponsors.

Day 1 – Artificial Intelligence Pitch and Digital Entertainment
Starting with an overview of B.C.’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape, Simon Fraser University featured pitches from five leading B.C. AI companies: AltumView Systems, Charli AI, Dragonscale Industries, Sarafin AI and SensoDrive Technology.

The aim was to connect B.C.-based AI innovators with key players in the Korean business scene—venture capitalists, accelerators and incubators – providing these companies with the opportunity to establish partnerships, and foster collaboration and innovation in the evolving domains of technology and AI.

The following session focused on the digital entertainment sector including industry insights by Creative BC, success stories, and a panel discussion. This session catered to Korean production companies, VFX specialists, digital content creators and investors seeking collaborations with B.C. studios across production, licensing and investment opportunities.

During the session, Mine Creative, The Manta Story, and V324 showcased B.C.’s excellence in the VFX and film industry, emphasizing its exceptional infrastructure, skilled workforce and high-quality work. A panel discussion, involving representatives from The Manta Story, V324 and the Vancouver Film School, explored B.C.’s vibrant creative community, technological advancements and abundant talent pool. Alongside highlighting current strengths, they uncovered new prospects, sparking dialogues about potential collaborations and exciting avenues in British Columbia’s creative sector.

Day 2 – Clean Tech and Energy

The  B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy started the second day with a comprehensive review of B.C.’s clean tech industry. This was followed by presentations to local investors and corporate venture capitalists (CVCs) by seven notable B.C. clean tech companies including: Axine Water Technologies, pH7 Technologies, CTK Bio,  Ekona Power, Hydron Energy, Moment Energy and Solaires Entreprises.

Later in the afternoon, Loop Energy and NGVI held a two-hour seminar on their business plans in Korea for representatives from the Korea Railroad Research Institute. This event provided a platform for British Columbia’s tech leaders to share knowledge, showcase innovations and foster collaborations with their counterparts in South Korea.

Day 3 – Agrifood and Consumer Goods

Potential business opportunities and trade collaborations in the agrifood and consumer goods sectors were highlighted on the final day. Derrick Kim, Managing Director of Trade and Invest BC Korea Office provided opening remarks, followed by an industry overview provided by Jean Emmanuel Poitras, Counsellor (Agriculture & Agri-Food) at the Embassy of Canada in Korea.

Pitch sessions by five notable B.C. original equipment manufacturer (OEM) such as Innofoods, Natural Life Nutrition, Plant Veda, Herbaland and Ironwood Clay led to engaging and informative discussions. The attendees were treated to various B.C. company product samples, including natural and organic foods. Lunch showcased B.C. freeze-dried berries.

Lastly, Arc’teryx, a global athleisure brand rooted in British Columbia, took centre stage. Nelson Sports, its exclusive importer for 23 years, presented Arc’teryx’s core vision and values as well as the brand’s environment, social, and governance (ESG) strategies. The presentation also showed how Arc’teryx’s success is tied to B.C.’s coastal mountains that inspire their product designs.


British Columbia Week Wrap-Up

British Columbia Week in the Embassy of Canada in Korea successfully showcased the province’s strengths in AI, digital entertainment, clean tech/energy and agrifood/consumer goods, fostering connections between B.C. innovators and key Korean businesses. Trade and Invest

BC’s Korea team proudly highlighted these strengths and aims to build on this success in future B.C. Weeks in South Korea.

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