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Free Trade Agreement event with Export Navigator and Jobs Economic Development and Innovation

B.C. Workshops Boost Trade and Export Growth

Exploring Free Trade Agreements

As part of a province-wide initiative this spring, the Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation (JEDI) is hosting a series of workshops aimed at promoting trade opportunities for businesses across British Columbia. These events are designed to support entrepreneurs and business leaders by offering valuable insights into the benefits and processes of engaging in international trade. The primary goal is to equip local businesses with the necessary tools and knowledge to expand their operations globally, leveraging free trade agreements and other available resources.

Export Awareness in Prince George

Downtown street view of Prince George. Stores and cars parked.

The workshop series kicked off on April 16 in Prince George, B.C., reflecting the government’s commitment to fostering trade throughout the province. The Honourable Jagrup Brar, Minister of State for Trade, led the event, accompanied by the Trade Policy team and an Export Navigator advisor. They highlighted the extensive support available to local businesses, aiming to help them scale through international trade.

Prince George’s robust business ecosystem includes key sectors such as forestry, mining, hydrogen and cleantech.

The event drew participation from entrepreneurs, academics and industry leaders, all focused on exploring the export opportunities promoted by the province.

Export Awareness in Nanaimo

Similarly, on April 26, the Ministry held a workshop in Nanaimo, B.C., emphasising the region’s unique advantages for trade. The event was attended by the Honourable Brenda Bailey, Minister for Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation, along with the Trade Policy and Export Services team. They presented key initiatives such as the Province’s Trade Diversification Strategy and the Export Navigator program.

Nanaimo’s growing business ecosystem, which includes sectors like cleantech, tourism, manufacturing and agrifood, makes it an ideal location for such an event.

Export Awareness in Richmond

Cranberry farm in Richmond

The most recent workshop JEDI’s Trade Policy team organized, took place on June 3 in Richmond, B.C., in partnership with the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. The event was attended by local businesses eager to learn about the 15 trade agreements Canada has with 51 countries.

Key sectors in Richmond include agrifoods, aviation, filming and cleantech just to name a few.

Most of these sectors were represented at the event. Attendees had the opportunity to network with the Honourable Jagrup Brar and Export Navigator advisors and JEDI Trade Policy staff.

Stimulating Economic Development in B.C.

These workshops are pivotal components of a comprehensive effort by the Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation to enhance B.C.’s trade capabilities. By bringing together key stakeholders and providing them with valuable resources and insights, the province is actively fostering an environment conducive to business growth and international trade expansion.

The workshops not only serve as educational forums but also as networking opportunities, enabling businesses to connect with government officials and industry experts to discuss trade issues and potential solutions to export challenges.

The Ministry’s initiatives, supported by government officials and detailed presentations on available resources, are valuable in equipping local businesses with the tools needed to thrive in global markets. Through initiatives like the Trade Diversification Strategy and the Export Navigator program, the province is ensuring that businesses across various sectors learn about resources and can successfully navigate and capitalize on international trade opportunities.

Future Events

Similar events will be held in Chilliwack, Surrey and the Comox Valley until the end of June. These workshops are part of the Ministry’s ongoing commitment to stimulating economic development and supporting the growth of local businesses through international trade.

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