British Columbia and Europe

Canada-EU Trade Relationships

The Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement acts as a consistent support for business transactions between British Columbia and the European Union. With a population of approximately 448 million people, the European Union (E.U.), comprises 27 member states and is a major economic hub. Three of these member states are involved in the G7, alongside Canada, further strengthening their global relationships.

Trade & Investment Highlights

  • With nine EU members and six non-EU members adopting the Euro as their official currency, trade and competition is facilitated between businesses in the region while concurrently providing price stability.
  • EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) – The agreement was established in 2017 and facilitates trade between Canada and the European Union.
  • In 2021, the European Union was B.C.’s 5th largest destination for exports.

Europe at a Glance

Monetary figures are in USD

Opportunity for Foreign Investors and B.C. Exporters


The European Union is a world leader in the production of civil aircraft. European aviation associations’ commitment to ‘Destination 2050 – A Route to NetZero European Aviation’ will ensure that all flights within and departing the EU, UK and EFTA will realize net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. Opportunities exist for B.C. companies operating in manufacturing, clean air fuel and products and services to support NetZero aviation. Additionally, there are opportunities for B.C. to attract investment from the E.U. in the original equipment manufacturing sector to stimulate the province’s aerospace sector.

Agrifood & Agritech             

Trends in Europe are heavily oriented towards a plant-based diet, with the market for meat alternatives expected to continue to rise in coming years. This presents various opportunities for B.C. agritech companies. More specifically, there is opportunity in application technology for regenerative agriculture, vertical farming, food security and precision agriculture.

Clean Technology

Europe aims to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, known as the European Green Deal with local, regional, and national levels of government taking action to support decarbonization. Trade and investment opportunities for B.C. exist in low carbon hydrogen and fuel cells, batteries, circular economy, and water and wastewater.

Digital & Interactive Media

B.C. offers experience and expertise in digital and interactive media which is well known and respected in Europe. Major video game markets in the EU are France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Sweden and Romania; with VRAR markets in France, Netherlands, Germany, and Poland. Trade and investment attraction opportunities exist in gaming, animation/VFX, and VR/AR for B.C.


Europe is the largest global market for biomass. Along with biomass, there are also opportunities for wood fibre products ranging from engineered timber, through wood-based chemicals to biofuels.


The European sector maintains a focus on green hydrogen and demand is anticipated to be led by the steel and cement industries. Due to its technical capacity and political positioning, Germany is a key market for hydrogen processes. Trade and investment opportunities exist for B.C. to trade into Europe and to attract investment into local hydrogen infrastructure.

Industrial Marine

There is opportunity for B.C. to expand its market reach in the E.U. for component and service providers. The integration of B.C. technologies into wider marine solutions by European partners also creates opportunities to encourage the further establishment of operations in British Columbia.

Life Sciences

In the E.U., Germany is the largest medical devices and pharmaceuticals market. This is a prominent market for Canadian exporters and a leading source for FDI and R&D partnerships. Germany’s growing digital economy offers excellent conditions for healthcare solutions. Additionally, France is the E.U.’s second largest medical device market. Manufacturers producing in-demand and innovative products will find their items well-received in these markets.

Europe Top Industries (2017-2021)

Key Market Landing Pages Infographic - EU
Key Market Landing Pages Infographic - EU
Key Market Landing Pages Infographic - EU
Key Market Landing Pages Infographic - EU

How We Help

  • Assist in commercial location identification and site selection.
  • Provide information on transportation infrastructure and logistics gateways.
  • Offer introductions to sector associations, industries and provide cluster insight.
  • Facilitate understanding and solutions for talent, skilled workforce and labour mobility
  • Facilitate engagement with professional advisors on legal, compliance and tax matters
  • Help navigating and offering referrals within government agencies on First Nations, business and regulatory processes.
  • Identify high potential investment opportunities and offer industry insight.
  • Introductions to sector associations and local industry contacts.
  • Introductions to companies seeking investments to expand.
  • Provide knowledge on local innovation hubs and connections to entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Introductions to local venture capital networks.
  • Assist in navigating government export programs and financial supports.
  • Advice and coaching in international expansion and exporter development.
  • Support Team BC missions and trade events.
  • Match buyers and sellers in local and foreign markets.
  • Provide insight on trade agreements and barriers.
  • Introductions to trade representatives in foreign markets.
  • Market entry assistance in international markets.

Trade & Investment Office


British Columbia’s Trade and Investment Representative office in London is the centre for our programs throughout Europe.

Europe’s multi-faceted economy continues to present many opportunities for trade and partnership in key sectors. These include resources, biomass and green technologies, information and communication technologies, life sciences, and education.

Rely on our London office to help you network and capitalize on shared business opportunities.

London Office:
10 York Road
London, SE1 7ND
United Kingdom

Contact our Trade and Investment Representatives. Our team welcomes your inquiries

Rupert Potter - Trade & Invest BC
Rupert Potter
Managing Director
Melissa Arsenault - Trade & Invest BC
Melissa Arsenault
Operations Manager

– Agrifood

Graham Hilton - Trade & Invest BC
Graham Hilton
Trade and Investment Specialist

– Natural Resources
– Renewable Energy
– Forestry & Mass Timber

Rhoda Campbell - Trade & Invest BC
Rhoda Campbell
Trade and Investment Specialist

– Information and Communications Technologies
– Digital and Creative

Laetitia Macdougall - Trade & Invest BC
Laetitia Macdougall
Trade and Investment Specialist

– Life Sciences
– Health and Consumer Products
– Information and Communication Technologies

Lukas Josten - Trade & Investment Representative
Lukas Josten
Trade and Investment Specialist, Germany

– Cleantech
– Advanced Manufacturing

Paul Kleijne - Trade & Invest BC
Paul Kleijne
Trade and Investment Specialist, The Netherlands

– Marine
– Agritech

Connect With Our International Network

Our Trade and Investment Representatives can help you establish the right connections, participate in events and tradeshows, explore programs and initiatives, and more.

Connect With Our International Network

Our Trade and Investment Representatives can help you establish the right connections, participate in events and tradeshows, explore programs and initiatives, and more.