British Columbia and Japan

Japan is the world’s third-largest economy and one of the most stable societies. With a sizeable retail and luxury retail markets, a transparent business environment and a skilled workforce, Japan is home to many business and collaboration opportunities. B.C. and Japan enjoy that is underpinned by the CPTPP trade agreement.

Trade & Investment Highlights

  • In 2022, Japan was B.C.’s third largest destination for commodity exports.
  • The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) provide Canada and Japan with a steady and diverse commercial relationship covering trade, investment, and innovation.
  • In 2022, B.C. and the Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment for Transport and Urban Development (JOIN) signed an agreement for innovative and clean solutions for future transportation projects and priorities. This agreement was co-signed at a trade mission to Asia in May 2023 for a three-year renewal agreement.
  • B.C. signed a MOU with the Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security (JOGMEC) in May 2016 to explore mutually beneficial solutions to enhance export opportunities and help unlock new sources of energy, such as hydrogen. This was renewed in 2023.
  • Through Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, Canada will work with Japan toward sustainable energy and free trade to address climate change and environmental protection.

Japan at a Glance

Monetary figures are in USD

Opportunity for Foreign Investors and B.C. Exporters

Japan Top Industries (2018-2023)

Industries for Outward Investment
Investment Opportunities in Canada: Vehicles & Parts

Automotive OEM
Investment Opportunities in Canada: Real Estate

Real Estate
Investment Opportunities in Canada: Coal, Oil & Gas

Coal, Oil & Gas

Source: FDI Markets

Import Industries
(by value)
Investment Opportunities in Canada: Mineral Fuels & Oils

Mineral Fuels & Oils
Investment Opportunities in Canada - Electrical Machinery Equipment

Electrical Machinery & Equipment
Investment Opportunities in Canada: Machinery

Machinery & Mechanical Appliances

Source: International Trade Centre

Fastest Growing Import Opportunities
Investment Opportunities in Canada: Pearls, Precious Stones & Metals

Pearls, Precious or Semi-precious Stones & Metals
Investment Opportunities in Canada: Mineral Ores, Slag & Ash

Mineral Ores, Slag & Ash
Investment Opportunities in Canada: Iron & Steel

Iron & Steel

Source: International Trade Centre

BC Export Industries to Market
Investment Opportunities in Canada: Mineral Fuels & Oils

Mineral Fuels & Oils
Investment Opportunities in Canada: Wood Products

Wood Products
Investment Opportunities in Canada: Mineral Ores, Slag & Ash

Mineral Ores, Slag & Ash

Source: BC Stats, data sourced from Statistics Canada

How We Help

  • Assist in commercial location identification and site selection.
  • Provide information on transportation infrastructure and logistics gateways.
  • Offer introductions to sector associations, industries and provide cluster insight.
  • Facilitate understanding and solutions for talent, skilled workforce and labour mobility
  • Facilitate engagement with professional advisors on legal, compliance and tax matters
  • Help navigating and offering referrals within government agencies on First Nations, business and regulatory processes.
  • Identify high potential investment opportunities and offer industry insight.
  • Introductions to sector associations and local industry contacts.
  • Introductions to companies seeking investments to expand.
  • Provide knowledge on local innovation hubs and connections to entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Introductions to local venture capital networks.
  • Assist in navigating government export programs and financial supports.
  • Advice and coaching in international expansion and exporter development.
  • Support Team BC missions and trade events.
  • Match buyers and sellers in local and foreign markets.
  • Provide insight on trade agreements and barriers.
  • Introductions to trade representatives in foreign markets.
  • Market entry assistance in international markets.

Trade & Investment Team in Japan


British Columbia and Japan share a long and significant cultural and economic history.

Our representative’s extensive networks in Japan and strong connections to British Columbia help businesses capitalize on shared business opportunities across the country.

Japan Team:

Commercial Section
Embassy of Canada
7 Chome-3-38 Akasaka
Minato City, Tokyo
107-0052, Japan

Contact our Trade and Investment Representatives. Our team welcomes your inquiries:

Ryo Tokunaga - Trade and Investment BC
Ryo Tokunaga
Director, Trade Section
Chris Malcolm - Trade & Invest BC
Chris Malcolm
Senior Commercial Officer
Tomoko Nakasuji - Trade & Invest BC
Tomoko Nakasuji
Commercial Officer
Nubuo Araki - Trade and Investment BC
Nobuo Araki
Commercial Officer
Kaori Suzuki - Trade & Invest BC
Kaori Suzuki
Commercial Officer

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