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Sales & Service in British Columbia

A significant component of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada’s economy is generated by the sales and service sector: nearly 76% of B.C.’s Gross Domestic Product comes from service-producing industries. Local businesses provide services to other businesses (B2B) or directly to customers (B2C) by tapping into the available talent pool of skilled and educated workers. The focus is on people interacting with people and serving the customer which requires expertise and high-touch capabilities. Various forms of professional services, such as professional sales, distribution, legal, entertainment, hospitality, financial, engineering, or technology-related services create opportunities to build a business in B.C.

High angle shot of a group of call centre agents working in an office

B.C. Advantages


On the West Coast of Canada, British Columbia is ideally situated to serve a client base in Western Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The Cascadia Innovation Corridor links Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, and Portland. It is a region that shares similar economic origins, a common landscape, diverse populations, entrepreneurial spirit, a common border and is a conduit for many sales and services activities.


B.C. has over 2.8 million well-educated and entrepreneurial workers available to help sell your products and serve your customers. Additional talent can also be brought in from outside of Canada, thanks to existing pathways using a points-based invitation system to welcome more people to the province.

We Can Help

At Trade and Invest British Columbia we can provide up-to-date information about the business environment in British Columbia for business seeking to expand to Canada. We can also assist with planning your visit to business locations throughout the province, including available sites and facilities, with introductions to community leaders.