Life Sciences

With more than 300 biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, British Columbia, Canada, has a diverse life sciences sector offering investment opportunities in life sciences products and services. 

British Columbia's vibrant and growing industry is at the forefront of developments in drug development and clinical research, medical devices and diagnostics, simulation technologies, and regenerative medicine.

Key Facts

B.C.'s biopharmaceutical and medical device companies More than 300
Revenue in 2014 $805 million
Employees 8,500
Number of research centres in B.C. 50
Amount invested $1.8 billion
Investment attracted $1 billion


Key Advantages

Our strategic location, outstanding talent, and generous incentives and tax credits for research and development create an attractive environment for life sciences companies.
  • World-class research hospitals and universities partner with 50 research centres, creating a dynamic, collaborative network for researchers.
  • Cultural and recreational opportunities contribute to a high quality of life outside the lab – and a significantly lower cost of living than in key markets including San Diego, San Jose, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
  • British Columbia’s diverse talent pool includes 8,500 employees working in the life sciences industry. Post-secondary institutions are training young people for future success in the sector.
  • A steady stream of innovation flows into British Columbia’s industries, thanks to our excellent educational institutions. The University of British Columbia alone has founded more than 20 companies, and worked with local and global industry partners to commercialize more than 80 technologies.
  • Research teams benefit from being in the same time zone as the scientific community in Washington State and California. Our strategic location means they can also connect with both Asia and Europe in the same business day.


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Life Sciences Sector Support

British Columbia’s life sciences sector offers opportunities for strong public-private partnerships facilitated by the close links that have been established between academia, industry and the government. Companies looking to find their next strategic partner in British Columbia find support from LifeSciences British Columbia, which represents the life sciences community and provides links between government, academia and industry.

The life sciences sector in British Columbia also benefits from access to our world-class centres of excellence.


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