First-Class Workforce
Our well-educated, skilled and flexible workforce of more than 2.4 million is one of British Columbia’s greatest resources.

This dynamic workforce is growing to meet the needs of rapidly expanding industries such as high technology.

More than half of the workforce is employed in knowledge-based or trade-related industries, and three out of five people in our workforce are under 44 years of age.

BC Workforce Employment


Education and Training

British Columbia prepares students for success in a fast-changing global economy. Our students score well on international assessments of core skills  and we have invested in quality education, from early childhood through high school, to trades training and advanced education.

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Skilled Workers

We have a talented and growing pool of skilled workers, with more than seven in ten British Columbia employees having education or training beyond high school . International immigration is a key source of new skills for British Columbia. Tens of thousands  of skilled and motivated immigrants arrive each year, enriching our diverse communities.

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