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Unparalleled Quality of Life in British Columbia

Lifestyle and culture are inherent qualities of the communities of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada, with a wide range of activities and pursuits that make the province an attractive place to find and keep talented employees. With some of Canada’s highest overall education levels and life expectancy, the investments in health care and education are paying off.

Boardwalk stroll in Prince Rupert

Safety and Security

Safety and stability are an important aspect of a high quality of life. In B.C., robust municipal public services are responsible for fire protection and city streets, as well as maintaining recreational facilities, such as parks and community centres. Education, highways, and healthcare are managed by the provincial government.

A Great Place to Live and Work

The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks Vancouver as one of the world’s most liveable cities and places six of Canada’s top 20 most livable cities in B.C. Mercer’s Quality of Living Ranking continues to rate Vancouver as the top city in the Americas and third in the world. These studies reflect British Columbia’s high levels of stability, health care, culture, environment, education, and infrastructure.


A rich mix of people, cultures, languages, and communities creates lively cultural experiences in the worlds of art, entertainment, and cuisine, as well as a robust collection of commercial activities.

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Education Infographic

Education and Healthcare

Health and education are priorities in British Columbia leading to significant results when ranked by the Conference Board of Canada. B.C. is third in the world against other provinces and international peer countries for life expectancy as well as education and skills.

Natural Environment

Step outside in B.C. to find a near-endless selection of recreational opportunities. Biking, hiking, walking, golfing, swimming, climbing, and so much more. British Columbia’s diverse communities bring you spectacular mountains and beaches, easily accessible resorts, and unique wilderness adventures that draw millions of people every year.

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Urban Delights

High-quality restaurants for every cuisine, large- and small-scale venues that attract globally recognized entertainers, world-class shopping, high-end fashion, and museums, art, and culture for the whole family. The communities of B.C. have something for everyone.

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