Goods and Services

British Columbia offers international customers a diverse range of high-quality goods and services available to import from Canada.

Explore British Columbia’s major industry sectors and discover the variety of goods and services we are known for.

Innovative growers and producers market a diverse and growing selection of world-renowned agricultural, food and seafood products

British Columbia is one of the world’s largest exporters of wood products. We also produce biofuels and advanced wood technology, including the design and construction of earthquake-resistant buildings.

We are a global centre for mining activity, with internationally recognized expertise in exploration and development and industry and service sector specialists available to ensure success.

Natural Gas
British Columbia is poised to meet growing global demand for cleaner energy. We have abundant reserves of natural gas, which is available through pipeline and as liquefied natural gas (LNG).

British Columbia has a strong reputation for innovative products and services in clean technology, life sciences, film, television and digital media, information and communications technologies.

Our globally recognized aerospace and marine sectors, offer highly specialized design and manufacturing expertise, advanced materials, and superior maintenance, repair, fleet management and other services. In addition, British Columbia offers excellent transportation services such as engineering consulting and logistics and environmental engineering.