Clean Technology

Explore British Columbia's clean technology sector and discover the clean technology products and services available to import from Canada.

Our clean technology industry, including green power generation, energy efficiency, transportation, and industrial processes that create green benefits, has won worldwide recognition for the goods and services we offer. Clean technology companies have the goods, services, and expertise to help companies deal with issues of industrialization, urbanization, recycling, and waste and water treatment.


British Columbia has developed international expertise in supplying products and services in several key clean technology sectors:
  • Hydrogen and fuel cells
    Our companies are moving beyond transportation and developing fuel cells for small mobile devices and telecommunications stations.
  • Clean transportation
    We have developed plug-in electric, fuel cell, and natural gas engines for customers including major international manufacturers.
  • Energy management and efficiency technologies
    Our energy management technologies include smart measurement, monitoring, and controls to power intelligent energy use.
  • Renewable energy technology
    Abundant renewable energy resources have driven the development, testing and production of innovative energy technologies for customers.
  • Water and waste resource management technologies
    We have developed commercial technologies to turn wastewater and solid waste into pristine drinking water, clean energy, and valuable, marketable materials.


Buyers looking at British Columbia products and services can take advantage of our talented people, natural resources, and access to the world.
  • Strategic location
    Located on Canada’s west coast, British Columbia is at the commercial crossroads of the Asia-Pacific region and North America. Buyers can ship goods efficiently or manage and service contracts globally with British Columbia’s national and international transportation networks and time zone advantages.
  • Top talent
    We have a talent pool of 2.3 million well-educated workers, many of whom are multilingual. They offer innovative products and services to increasingly efficient, sustainable and environmentally responsible markets.
  • Research and development
    Twenty world-class educational institutions and centres of excellence support green research and technology development. This allows us to offer innovative services and advanced green products.
  • Low power pricing
    Well over 90 per cent of our electricity comes from low-cost hydroelectric plants. This provides clean electricity to support certified sustainable products and affordable energy services.
  • Competitive business environment
    Our business-friendly government and low taxes means our technology sector helps your business compete effectively with other major North American centres.


  • More than 200 clean technology firms work in British Columbia, generating an estimated $1.7 billion in revenue in 2014
  • Our research and educational institutions offer a wide range of expertise in the design, development and production of clean technologies.
  • We have developed ground-breaking fuel cell innovations, leading-edge bio-energy products, world-class utility programs in energy conservation and efficiency, and advanced building design and construction technologies.
  • We already meet well over 90 per cent of our electricity needs through clean or renewable sources
  • We are growing our experience with the rich potential of our wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, and river energy resources.
  • Buyers from Asia, Europe, and the United States are discovering the financial and environmental benefits of our clean technology projects, including world-leading companies such as Daimler, Exxon Mobil, and Wenchai Power.

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