Clean Technology

Explore British Columbia's clean technology sector and discover the clean tech products and services available to import from Canada.

British Columbia's clean technology industry, including green power generation, energy efficiency, transportation and industrial processes , has more than 270 companies. These green-thinking firms are recognized globally for leadership in the industry. Clean technology companies have the goods, services and expertise to help companies deal with issues of industrialization, urbanization, recycling, and waste and water treatment.


British Columbia has developed international expertise in supplying products and services in several key clean technology sectors:

Hydrogen and fuel cells
British Columbia companies are developing hydrogen and fuel cell technology as a clean energy solution in diverse applications from materials handling and backup power for portable electronics to fueling infrastructure and transit bus applications.

Clean transportation
British Columbia businesses have developed plug-in electric, fuel cell and natural gas engines as well as zero-emission specialty-use vehicles for customers including major international manufacturers.

Energy management and efficiency technologies
British Columbia energy management technologies include smart measurement, monitoring and controls to power intelligent energy use.

Renewable energy technology
Abundant renewable energy resources have driven the development, testing and production of innovative energy technologies for customers.

Water and waste resource management technologies
British Columbia companies have developed commercial technologies to turn wastewater and solid waste into pristine drinking water, clean energy, and valuable, marketable materials.  


Buyers looking at British Columbia products and services have access to B.C.’s diverse, talented workforce, natural resources and close proximity to key markets.

Prime location
Located on Canada’s West Coast, British Columbia is at the commercial crossroads of the Asia-Pacific region and North America. Buyers can ship goods efficiently or manage and service contracts globally with British Columbia’s national and international transportation networks and time zone advantages.

Top talent.
British Columbia’s large, flexible and educated workforce of more than 114,000 workers across the broader tech ecosystem is well represented by young, diverse and energetic talent.

Research and development
Twenty-five world-class educational institutions and several centres of excellence support green research and technology development.

Low power pricing
Over 98% of British Columbia’s energy is created directly from renewable resources. This provides clean electricity to support industry development at some of North America’s most affordable and reliable power rates.

Competitive business environment
Technology companies in British Columbia can count on a business environment that actively encourages investment through competitive taxes, streamlined regulations and many opportunities for growth.  


  • British Columbia has one of the highest tech sector growth rates relative to GDP in Canada, serving as home to more than a quarter of Canadian clean technology companies.
  • British Columbia’s research and educational institutions offer a wide range of expertise in the design, development and production of clean technologies.
  • British Columbia has developed ground-breaking fuel cell innovations, leading-edge bio-energy products, world-class utility programs in energy conservation and efficiency, and advanced building design and construction technologies.
  • Over 98% of British Columbia’s energy is created directly from renewable resources.
  • British Columbia is  researching the potential of ocean waves to generate clean, renewable energy.
  • Buyers from Asia, Europe and the United States are discovering the financial and environmental benefits of British Columbia’s clean technology projects, including world-leading companies such as; Daimler and WeIchai Power.

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